Took Fin 2times got panic attacks


Save yourself the damage we have gone through. Buy all the varieties of Sorghum grain you can get your hands on and start eating that for dinner, avoid foods that block DHT. Go visit alternative medicine, ask them about your problems but be careful with herbs for the prostate. Low body temperature = weak heart beat = thyroid metabolism.


Got my blood results :

Estradiol 0.07 nmol/l (0.08-0.18)
Test : 42.6 pmol/l (30.1-189.8)
Bioavailable test : 3.1 nmol/l (2.7-12)
DHT : 0.7 nmol/l (0.86-3.44)

Low range no ?


SO here are my blood results 10 day after the second pill :

Estradiol 0.07 nmol/l (0.08-0.18)
Test : 42.6 pmol/l (30.1-189.8)
Bioavailable test : 3.1 nmol/l (2.7-12)
DHT : 0.7 nmol/l (0.86-3.44)

Low range no ?


Got my 2nd blood test results.

DHT raised to 1.04 nmol/l.

It is better, but since 2 days i get diarrhéa back, gut pain, and shivering, and coldness coming back.

Anxiety hasnt decreased.


Beginning of week five post crash, my digestion is still not good, and my mental state is worsening. A lot of anxiety and crying.


Sixth week has begun,

No more night sweats, better libido (porn turns me on), no ED.

But, still massive anxiety, still panic attacks, still blurry vision, still brain fog …


Week 7 for me, seven weeks i took the last half pill, and i’m still anxious … When will it stop ?


Beginning of week 8 for me.

Nights sweats are back
Still waking up every morning at 7 ! Why ?
Fatigue back
Anxiety is back, but i still cannot work.


For my doctor PFS doesnt exist, it is depression !


Still feeling like shit …


What the hell is happening ?

Delta 4 Andro : 12.6 nmol/l (1.7-10.5)
Free test : 4.8 nmol/l (2.7-12) vs 4.2 nmol/l on 2/17

DHT : 0.76 nmol/l vs 1.04 in 2/17 ( normal 0.86-3.44)

Can somebody tell me what happens?


Since Propecia i have blue fingers when it is cold.

Depression, anxiety, heavy heartbeat and suicidal thoughts are still there.


Can someboy rely to this :

My anxiety is crippling in the morning, i’m agitated, i wake up with heavy heartbeats etc …

And slowly it gets better in the end of the afternoon …

First thought i’m bipolar, but there is a real fluctuation of the anxiety trough the day


It’s not bipolar, we have out of whack hormones, cycles, and are low on certain brain chemicals. I have the same but I’m usually happiest in the morning and saddest and going through depressive episodes during sundown. The trick is to tell yourself you will be normal soon and ignore these false instincts. Then experiment with what works and what doesn’t, try to narrow down your triggers. Are they thoughts, reactions to certain food.

Boil some water and warm up some milk. Even if you don’t drink much, holding the ceramic cup does wonders. Buy magnesium oil and spray it on your hands before bed and in the morning. You can wash off the grease after a few minutes when it’s absorbed and you feel the warming sensation. Try Arginine + Ornithine (2in1) for increased circulation. Take it before bed with plenty of water to avoid labored breathing, you will feel warm. But there are some side-effects similar to caffeine which are nothing for a healthy person, but quite annoying for PFS. When used in moderation and with half-doses to avoid adding tension and increasing sex drive, arginine helped me out a lot. Look into “Earthing”, this helped me with cold hands and feet almost the same night. It is walking barefoot in the grass/dirt during the day, going to the beach and enjoying the sand and water. And finally sleeping plugged into a metal rod in the dirt/grass outside to receive natural dc voltage and improve circulation. Try to do at least 1 of those 3 and you should see positive changes. It also helps big-time to take freezing cold showers in the morning upon waking and at night before bed. Your body will begin to radiate heat even in your toes and fingers when you wear close to nothing. If you’re up early, start lifting weights comfortably after the cold shower.


It is hell on earth


do cardio on a morning,get some trainers on and run it off,i can feel like pure shite then do an hours cardio and feel great,better than taking medication shite anyday…


It weird, i’m feeling trough the day like adrenaline discharges.

And it is this causing my anxiety.


My advice: be positive, workout more, eat clean. obsess over training, not lab tests. Control what you can control.


Whosh did you recover ?


So, some news, just seen the endo this morning.

So DHT is low, it doesnt matter for him.

After LHRH and TRH test it seems that :

  • thyroid doesnt respond to stimulation : TSH get up but not enough.
  • FSH doesnt respond t ostimulation.

So what to do next ? I don’t have a treatement, he wants me to do an MRI.