Tim1911 update 10 years

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I’ve had a lot of messages so I’m doing a blanket response, sorry.
Sexually I went hard on pde5i, it’s all in my posts somewhere. I have stopped using them now and can have good sex twice a week, I don’t masturbate.
Libido wise it’s still a bit of a none event, maybe at best 3/10 of its old self. Don’t know still feels like a disconnect there.
Brain fog still big, just learnt to live with it. I’m on antidepressants now and they really help me get out of bed.
Tinnitus and fatigue are still issues also.

Tim1911, 10 years on.


Which antidepressants @tim1911? Sometimes I feel like I really need them but scared to try

I know I’m not OP, but I always recommend Wellbutrin. It’s been effective for me and doesn’t have any nasty side effects.

I get really nasty anxiety and panic attacks though and from what I’ve read raising dopamine wouldn’t be good for that

Thanks for updating us @tim1911.

If you could take our survey, that’d be appreciated.

I’ve never had anxiety issues but I remember it making me anxious when I briefly took a 450 mg dose. It might not be for you.

Have you seen a psychiatrist? One should be able to find an antidepressant for you that won’t cause sexual dysfunction or anxiety.

I use Escitalopram, 30mg per day.

Which survey is it? Are you able to link it?

Please participate in our Post-Drug Syndrome Patient Survey.

The data generated will help to characterize the condition(s) that have come to be known as PFS, PAS and PSSD, along with several other persistent syndromes resulting from various substances.

Validated questionnaires related to sexual dysfunction, psychological parameters, and general quality of life are included in the survey. This helps to ensure the quality of data necessary as we reach-out to encourage vital support from the medical and scientific communities.

The survey can be accessed through the bar-graph icon at the top of your screen after you have posted a member story, and remember, the survey can be halted at any time and continued at a later time/date.

By doing your part, you take another step toward establishing the legitimacy of persistent post-drug side effects and another step toward the understanding we need to find a cure.


Ive got PSSD from that shit. 30mg is hell dose

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Hey tim,

i would like to thank you for taking the diligence to come back here and give an update.

i often look up keywords to find older discussions, and it’s often disappointing to see members having such interesting scientific and personal discussions who are no longer active on here.

Yours is particularly interesting because I see you have been diagnosed with Chron’s and have low pancreatic enzymes.

It’s very comforting and happy to see you are still around and living a relatively normal & manageable life.

Do you have any updates regarding your gastrointestinal issues & pancreatic diagnoses?

Thank you very much again.


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