The problem is surely in the ERs

I begin to think, but it is only my thought, that the problem of all of us is not in the AR receptor (both according to Cosimo Melcangi, Daniele Santi and confirmed by Harvard studies) the problem is surely instead in the ERs receptor, or some enzyme a upstream of the Aromatase and 5AR (normal result in studies) for example 17beta-dehydrogenase or Progesterone receptor (the same happens with Deca Durabolin and his “Deca dick syndrome” a Progestin) and that no one has yet evaluated. This would explain why Quantum, Konflict and I had severe physical symptoms with the use of Saw Palmetto-Rutin (both bind to ER receptors and progesterone) and subsequently by anti-estrogens and Vitamins. The same thing people have on their own using antiestrogens. I have good reason to think that scientists are right that it is not AR. I repeat, this is my thought, but I am trying to get concrete information directly from Italian scientists. I repeat, they themselves say that it is not AR.

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You should say, “some” of the italian scientists don’t think there is an issue with AR.

Also, progestins exert a negative effect on 5-ar activity, regardless their binding affinities for AR. Deca is actually sought after because it has a strong anabolic effect through AR, without an appreciable androgenic effect.

Just wanted to make this clear.

Could we please wait for Baylor before making assertions?


Yes, of course, in fact I mentioned the names of these.
Yes absolutely, let’s wait for Baylor.
Then we draw the sums. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having strange symptoms currently, it seems that I have come back a little androgenic (bigger penis from flaccid though I always powerless and bigger testicles) but my physical condition has deteriorated by far compared to before. I have severe joint instability and loss of cartilage or connective tissue throughout my body and I have dislocations in my fingers. What is happening to me for Melcangi is indecipherable. I think that before the Vitamin D I messed up the Rutin itself as well as the Saw Palmetto in Quantum and Konflict. One thing, however, certain Vitamin D destroyed me.

As always, I lean towards the positive and hope that your other symptoms will see improvement too. Never underestimate the body’s capacity for recovery.


I don’t think are recovering. I have this new symptom. All this shit is scary.

I take it you mean to say Melcangi and/or Santi finally recognize that something very abnormal is happening to your body and they are at a loss to explain why it’s happening?

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Exactly, I refer to Vitamin D. Melcangi told me that he has no idea why he had such a terrifying effect on my PFS. Santi acknowledged and wrote on paper that vitamin D gave me serious physical symptoms

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For Santi (also @axolotl) it is a worsening of the PFS. But I did not find NODOBY with the symptoms I present, except for Quantum and Konflict, both taken IA (Arimidex, Vitam E-K2 and D3) and I and Konflict convinced that it is a Post Aromatase Syndrome like that of @gents93 etc.

Because vit D is a hormone…and once again going back to the kidney its produced by the kidney and effects kidney’s Liver and the immune system…

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It’s a scary shit but I couldn’t know it, in reality no one could know

Do you have improvements my friend?

Not really…just mentally but physically no…cant mow my yard myself this year…who knows but would guess it’s due to having a dysfunctional endocrine system anything that monkeys with the endocrine system could cause problems but because it is not reacting normally.