It looks like the NHS is going to be using shock wave therapy to treat depression and anxiety. The device they trialed is called alpha-stim. This is probably the best way right now to treat suicidal thoughts that come from depression. … on-7906206 … m-aid-ces/


What do you mean?
Are you better or worst after the clomid???


I’m going through the same shit is hell.


Wished I could tell ya it gets better…Not much for me…The mental sides are all that have improved…The physical is worses than ever I just looked back at this thread since you posted…I am up 100lbs now horrible fluid gain…No energy, breathing difficulties, much better in mornings than at night…I went on a protocol of clomid, trt but to be honest the mental sides improved more after I started eating baking soda weekly…

Horrible damage this has done to the body all I don’t understand you would think with this much change and damage to your endocrine system they would have atleast pin pointed the culprit by now…


Guys. Wanna give an update as I have received many PMs on how I am doing recently…

My sex drive is back 95%… my mental state is doing well too. I say I have depression thought once twice a month. Keeping myself busy really help. If you have issues with depression. Remember to keep yourself busy, and dont stay at home.


What helped you recover?


Curious on that as well!


Whoever banned this guy, please undo the act. We need to hear him. We can ban him again after he talks, lmao.


Not sure what you mean @Cooper, ? He isn’t banned or silenced.


His name is soft grey? Isn’t that means banned or long time non-poster.


Just a coincidence that the color is similar to the “banned” shade of gray.

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No.i wasnt banned. I wasn’t visiting the forum since I was not really suffering anymore, I did get an email from propeciahelp, and checked out the forum again and notice a few years ago I made some posts about my suffering from propecia. Wow. What a couple of years difference it made.

I am a very logical person. Yes. The drug really made me suffered.greatly mentally, like I said, my sex drive is back. I love looking at boobs and butts again…

As for depression and anxiety. Try to go on youtube and look up all the great things and places you can go to in the world. If you commit suicide, what do you really gaining? There are many people suffers much more than you do and still staying strong.

Also if you took propecia for hair like I did. You can get a hair transplant for $1600 in turkey, look at Elon musk’s hair transplant, thats fue… he looks great.

Also I now use hair concealer. And most ppl dont even notice my hairloss.

Good luck. Get out there and make a difference in your life…there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Good to hear you have gotten better! Did you take anything during recovery or did time heal you?