It looks like the NHS is going to be using shock wave therapy to treat depression and anxiety. The device they trialed is called alpha-stim. This is probably the best way right now to treat suicidal thoughts that come from depression. … on-7906206 … m-aid-ces/


What do you mean?
Are you better or worst after the clomid???


I’m going through the same shit is hell.


Wished I could tell ya it gets better…Not much for me…The mental sides are all that have improved…The physical is worses than ever I just looked back at this thread since you posted…I am up 100lbs now horrible fluid gain…No energy, breathing difficulties, much better in mornings than at night…I went on a protocol of clomid, trt but to be honest the mental sides improved more after I started eating baking soda weekly…

Horrible damage this has done to the body all I don’t understand you would think with this much change and damage to your endocrine system they would have atleast pin pointed the culprit by now…