Success Story - 100% Normal Again


Has anyone else been able to transfom his body physically like mlevyholden ?? any results? i wonder how many people actually have worked their butts off(and i mean work really hard like mlevyholden has done) and if they have seen any changes?? thanks!


has anybody else followed mlevyholden’s regime??? working out every freaking day and such…?

what do u think about taking maca and tribulus terrestris ??? is it helpful? experiences?


It is important to understand how exercise is important. Other than all commonly known benefits of sport, and other than the fact that sport is an endocrine stimulator, there is also ongoing evidence that fat acts as an endocrine organ. Speculatevily, fat that built up might not be “normal fat” and might have some responsibility in the bad homeostasis our body has. People like me who stayed on finasteride long enough to build up 10 to 15 kg of excess fat, will anyway have some imporovement by losing weight.
While I was on Finasteride I had to leave exercise because I completely lost strenght. After 8 months from suspension I surely improved even tough I didn’t exercise consistently. All the time I tried some exercise I felt somewhat better, more like a living human.
Also exercise persistently increases neurosteroids and this is to be taken into account since it is about to be proven that finasteride loweres neurosteroids in humans.

I’m probably the only one in here who ended up with extremely elevated prolactin. This probably means my pituitary prolactin secreting cells got hyperactive/hypertrophied. The way to possibly heal from this condition is to inhibit those cells from secreting prolactin. This can be done through the drug cabergoline, a dopamin agonist. However before I started taking dostinex(cabergoline), I was exercising almost daily and my prolactin was plumbing accordingly, whith increasing lh, fsh and T. This is in some measure explainable by the fact that exercise increases dopamine (like I said it increases neurosteroids), and it can increase it permanently. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that sport might have had an important role into this. I stopped exercising for some week and my prolactin returned sky high pretty soon. These are enourmous variations of tens of ng/ml in only one week. It is presumable that consistent and regular exercise would have probably “healed” prolactin secreting cells in the long run. Time is necessary becuase all the body needs to adjust to new behaviour conditions, and all parts of our body have different adaptation times. Unfortunately I’ve been too much time with elevated prolactin and I had to take Dostinex because I was having growing gynecomastia and I therefore couldn’t afford to wait to verify my theory. It is presumable (and it is surely proved for many) that similar body regularization patterns persist while you keep exercising regularly. This can heal your body in the long run but it is important to understand that this has to be done very regularly and suspensions for one or two weeks can plumb you almost back to where you were before. I think nutrition is important but exercise is surely more powerful. You will most probably not have any lasting benefits from a one month session. This has to be done for long time to heal symptoms but it is also important to heal asymptomatic conditions, surely present in pfs (in my opinion). So even if you get back your sexual potency or heal form brain fog, it is a good idea to persist with exercising for a long time. I can only speculate on the extent of devastation induced by long term suppression of dht levels (and other consequences). It is a good idea to avoid underestimating this condition as this might produce bad effects in the following years. The sooner we act, the better it probably is. And it is also a good idea to look at this condition as one that needs rehabilitation. Honestly I do not think there is a magic drug for PFS, at least not for long term users of Propecia. Whilst some dugs can help to some extent(and in any case will heal only one of the many aspects we deal with), others can worsen things by induction of new disequilibriums; the most powerful tool we have is indeed exercise.

There is however clearly no proof that exercise can heal any of pfs conditions, since we are all different. Apparently tough, many had very good improvements form exercising and this is promising.


Thanks for the tips. Bought a supplement called ‘Menergy’ which has 500 mg of Maca in. I also picked up Tribulus terrestris. Going to start doing yoga and jogging every morning. I’ll report back.

Link for the Menergy sup:

best wishes to all!


This post is my only hope.


what can i do to recovery?
i take 15 Years Finasterid i am 2 years Off
but it get not better!

the Pain goes not away and zero Libido

i cry daily for Pain


you took for 15 years? what were your sides while you were taking the pill? why did you stop? did sides get worse after stopping the pill?
any thing improved after stopping the Pill?


i have groin Pain
stomach ache and diarrhea
yellow stool looks as Pellets
pain in lower back
inflamed foreskin
severe joint pain
my Lungs burnig
my eyes glassy und burning
hot testicles and Pain

nothing get better it goes daily worse

my live is the hell



i had long Years nothing side effects
a little bit eye Problems!

than one day after the other began the Pain
my lower body was burning hot and painful

Morning i have a MRT from my small intestine
i hope it is No Cancer


helps Cortison by the innflamed Body?


Just a quick update since my last post. The Maca root seems to be helping. For the first time in 7 months I actually had a sexual dream! Its only small, but step by step :slight_smile:



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Then post your story in the Members story section:


Please keep us updated. Do you just feel an increase in libido or are you seeing real results in terms of the ability to get and maintain an erection?


I´ve just bought 120 pills of MACA and 120 Pills of Tribullus Terrestris 500mg each.
Starting the treatment also taking B complex twice a day.

Good Luck for me!!!


I certainly think there is some truth to this exercising yourself to health. I’ve tried (and continue to do so) weightlifting and it makes me stronger and slowly enables me to have more endurance etc etc but it so far hasn’t given me that punch in the balls tingling sensation that I can very occassionally get after doing HIIT. This in mind I have decided to split my weight lifting sessions up into smaller sessions and finish myself off after each one with an HIIT purge.


There are plenty of documented examples of individuals “curing” themselves of supposedly permanent conditions through good eating and healthy living. Cancer patients have recovered, diabetes has been reversed (there is a great documentary called Forks over Knives). My symptoms have been night and day (in a very positive way) since I made a commitment to take that end of my life more seriously. Push yourself to stop drinking, go (almost vegetarian), wake up early, eat super healthy, and get 10-20 hours of hard exercise per week.


Chi, how are your symptoms today? Are you still dealing with the sexual side effects at all? Are you taking any herbal supplements to keep you straight?


I just want to add here that I have been hopeful that tab’s theory above is true–or at least my own version of that theory.

I’ve not been able to do the exercise necessary to get rid of all the fat accumulated while using Propecia due to a long-term foot problem and back problem.

I will report to all of you here if I can get back to a daily routine in the future, destroy most of the fat deposits in my body from Propecia and make some sort of recovery. I know this theory is not popular here, but the process of testing it out should prove to be healthy for me regardless.

anyone looked into IGF-II? apparently the stuff can cross the blood-brain barrier.


Jesus man. Wheres the restart button? I need to get my ass back in the gym. Almost every recovery story I read has lifting in it. I am about to go insane on the weights. Like a madman.


sorry I’m Not speak English well.
The most important thing is the time?

I was taking profecia 5 days
Stopped taking 10month

50% think that the current recovery…
My treatment is Chinese medicine… for Prostate

I’m so tired… pfs…
Really possible to recover your experience?
If you think… Do I need at least a few years?
help… me…