Stimulants as a treatment for low libido: what can we learn from this?

Before, during and after my use of finasteride (been off for 10 years) i have tried many functional and recreational drugs, mostly research chemicals. That’s how i found out how some stimulants are the only way to experience my pre-PFS libido.

“It is likely that dopamine can trigger penile erection by acting on oxytocinergic neurons located in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus, and perhaps on the pro-erectile sacral parasympathetic nucleus within the spinal cord.” (Source: pubmed)

In particular, the research chemical 3-fpm, beyond a certain treshold dose, brings back the old urges in full force, to the point of hypersexuality. The drug works as a releasing agent for dopamine and norepinephrine, increasing their concentrations in the synaptic clefts of neurons in the brain.

I’m not recommending anyone to go this route as the addiction potential is, understandably, not to be underestimated.

But i feel like there’s something to be learned from the mechanism of these dopamine releasers in search of a better, sustainable treatment. Speaking for myself, combining this drug with a PDE5-inbitor brings me as close as possible to normal sexual function but it is not a long term solution and could actually make things worse in the long term.

So, would there be safer medication options creating the same effect? I’ve been suggested dopamine agonists like pramipexol/cabergolin but the reports on this forum have not been promising.

More imporantly, as i can go from zero libido to 100% using a stimulant, is there anything to be learned from this by scientists and medical professionals for the possible treatment of our condition?


Could you elaborate a bit more on this?
How did you found out about this compound and how much do you take etc?
What is your own history?

Initially i did it for recreational purposes, later as a functional drug for motivation and productivity. It is very addictive, especially when you have no libido without it, so i do not recommend. The effect is probably similiar to crystal meth (never tried it and i don’t think i ever will). I just want to understand the mechanism behind it and how it could help us to find a better treatment.

Edit: forgot to answer you. I wrote my member story yesterday and you can find it here.

What drug are you talking about?

Currently I am having a similar experience with natural Levodopa in Mucuna + russian Semax from which was shown to enhance dopaminergic effects. But I am also taking TRT. All in all it gives me some libido, but still far away from being like before.

It was in my post: 3-fpm, there are probably other stimulants with a similiar effect.

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How do we even find 3-fpm?

Anything out there similar to it?

Do you have numbness or just low libido and poor erection?

If you search google you can buy it as a reseach chemical. The question is wether it has any effect. Might do more harm than good, bit only 1 way to find out…


I did have numbness for a very long after quitting. But that has basically been resolved and what is intriguing about this, is that the dopamine release probably plays a big part of the sensitivity or the so-called brain-penis connection.

Research chemicals are basically drugs that are ‘not for consumption’. You can buy them online if they are legal in your country. But please inform yourself and be aware of the risks. What i’m really looking for is a healthy alternative with the same effect or some insight in how our libido works. This is not a solution but merely an indication and a reassurance that our libido is probably not fucked beyond repair.

I must stress that we strongly advise against experimenting with any research chemicals. Some forum members have become considerably worse through self-experimentation.


I agree with you, i don’t want to promote drug use or anyone to get worse, hurt or addicted. I just wanted to share my observation while the research is ongoing.

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I’ve experienced finasteride-triggered galactorrhea, so at least a sharp rise in estrogen and prolactin is true. Dopamine is the main inhibitor of prolactin.

You are talking about ADHD drug (Amphetamine, methylphenidate).

Yes i heard the same, it helped a PSSD patient to get back its libido and even have a family.

This was directed by a neuropharmacologist (@meso in the PSSD community)

They are dealing with same problem than us for the libido part. I strongly believe even though we didn’t use the same drugs at the beginning to trigger our current state, we come to have the same issue in our brain for the libido part.

I have tried Ritalin and Provigil and all they did was make me wired and maybe a tad more randy. Made anxiety worse and had no beneficial effect on sensitivity whatsoever.

I also have tried both of these. Their mechanism is different and they indeed don’t help with libido.

Dexamphetamine helps with libido…no doubt. And motivation and depression and concentration.

The problem is how u feel off it

Me too.
The only one that had a massive effect and bring me normality was Buspirone.
Buspirone is a 5HT1A agonist used for anxiety and… to counteract SSRI sexual side effects.
I tried and been horny as hell.

There the reviews, impressive.


Did you have lasting effects from Buspirone?