SSRIs and the wrong reaction


Kava may Reduce Growth of Prostate Cancer Tumors

Flavokawain B reduces prostate tumor growth, in part by reducing androgen receptors in prostate cells in mice and cell studies. Flavokawain B also kills tumor cells by activating the pathways that cause cell death (caspases and Bax)

Kava Components Down-Regulate Expression of AR and AR Splice Variants and Reduce Growth in Patient-Derived Prostate Cancer Xenografts in Mice


ssri made me suicidal and also had no effect on my condition

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Same here

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Did you find 5 gaba agonists to cycle with? Have you tried fermented foods to build up GABA? I rarely spasm when on these but when I stop the spasms increase.

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Gaba worked well for a while, prior to me realising I had PFS. Tried fermented food but only got benefit from a single serving. Can’t take either now as they cause an unwelcome heightening in symptoms


I took GABA 750mg and it gave me really scary air hunger. I havent taken it since. I drink Kombucha from time to time. I take a probiotic and eat yogurt from time to time. I think the solution are all the precursors to GABA. The brain needs to heal for these to work properly. I take a very high quality fish oil and try to meditate for at least 20 minutes every day. I think this may take a long time but will ultimately fix my neurotransmitter issue.


Anything I take to stimulate GABA causes a sex hormone crash. The worst crashes cause my libido to skyrocket for an hour then the next day my hip hurts, pure damage. I’m taking EPA fish oil once a day. I most likely need to fix my neurotransmitters too so anything you can recommend would be appreciated.