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What do you think to abolishing the salary cap? I think there’s an argument it makes the balance less competitive because 90% of NBA owners are cheap af and want to avoid heavy luxury tax payments as much as possible so teams with owners willing to spend are more likely to dominate.

It also penalises smaller organisations that draft smartly (think Atlanta) because they can’t afford to pay all their young guys when they’re extension eligible.


The thing I worry about with no salary cap is the rich owners will just be able to buy championships. Like what used to happen with the Yankees in the MLB before George Steinbrenner died. In baseball there will always be more parity just due to the nature of the sport though.

I would think about a hard cap like the NHL or another wild idea I have is to get rid of max contracts but keep the salary cap. So potentially a superstar like Kevin Durant or lebron could sign for $100 million a year. This could make it very difficult to construct super teams.

This stuff will never happen though. No way they agree on something so radical.

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hello mate

didnt see this post in time, but i did watch the superbowl. hope you enjoyed our American sport :smiley:

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LOL’d at the harden torturing you part

agree with your points in general. harden has the skillset to be as good as he’s hyped up to be, but he’s caved into the mike d’antoni rhetoric play style of jacking up 3’s and going the rim. very predictable.

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has anyone in America use the donations to offset taxes? im about to inquire with some professionals, and set up monthly payments (along with some family members) based on the information.

I put down $10 in bets on the Superbowl today. Not sure what you call them overseas - I think they’re parlays - but here in Australia we call them multis.

First multi

  • Stafford under 281.5 passing yards
  • Kupp under 105.5 receiving
  • Akers under 63.5 rushing
  • OBJ under 63.5 receiving
  • Total match points under 48.5
  • Rams to win by 1-13
  • OBJ anytime touchdown scorer
  • $5 wager @ $140 odds = $700 potential payout

Second multi

  • Same except no OBJ touchdown scorer
  • $5 wager @ $40 odds = $200 potential payout

Rams won 23-20, OBJ had a touchdown and under 63 yards, Akers went under, Kupp went under. Every single leg came off except Stafford threw for 283 yards. Would have turned $10 into $900 except the Rams couldn’t run the damn ball. Blame Matt Stafford for us missing out on an extra $900 for PFS research.


It’s always one leg :rofl::rofl:


Interesting idea actually, I think that would definitely work.

I do think even under the current structure super teams are quite hard to both construct and maintain anyway. The KD Warriors team was an anomaly that was only possible through Steph being on a contract well below his market value and the Nets’ experiment was largely a disaster. A lot of players in the NBA seem to like the idea of being ‘the guy’ of a particular franchise and don’t want to share that with two other guys. I think it could be a while before we see another super team.


We call them accumulators in the UK. Hard luck there though, winning a 90/1 acca is bloody difficult.

I find the further above three selections you go it becomes exponentially more difficult to win. You always get a few surprise results that nobody foresees.

Yeah, the worst part is I had the over on Stafford but changed it at the last minute. Would have paid 2.5X that.

Ya I agree a lot of the stars seem to like having their own teams.

Calling it now. Brooklyn will win the NBA Championship. The sixers are frauds. No surprise there with playoff chokers in Harden and Doc Rivers.

Bucks are the second best team in the NBA. It’s going to be the bucks or nets holding the trophy in the end.

A lot of it depends on the vaccine mandate. If it doesn’t get lifted then Nets have no chance. But I believe it’s going to get lifted.

In the west I believe Suns are the clear cut team. I don’t trust the warriors. Haven’t believed in them all year. I think Grizzlies would beat them in a series.

Loved seeing Harden choke his ass off last night. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Honestly, I couldn’t believe they beat them by nearly 30 lmao. I was starting to become somewhat of a Sixers believer but really that was their first test and they bottled it.

But yeah, the Nets absolutely need Kyrie for home games. He’s the best second option in the sport imo and turns into a killer in the post season. Literally the opposite of Harden.

It’s a shame that injuries have decimated the west but the Suns for sure are the best in there, would be a massive shock if they didn’t end up in the NBA finals. I agree re: Golden State and I don’t think they even make the conference finals. The Suns will beat them in the second round if they finish 3rd and if they finish 2nd I think Memphis takes them in 7. They seem to match up really well with them and give them hell whenever they face each other.

Any thoughts on Dallas/Denver as a potential conference finals sleeper? Dallas (or Luka) has been looking great until that bad loss to the Knicks and if Denver manage to get one of Murray/MPJ back you never know…


I agree with Kyrie being the best second option. He’s an absolute killer in the playoffs like you said. Dallas could beat a team like Utah in the first round. The jazz are frauds. Honestly I would probably pick Dallas in that match up.

Nuggets are live to go to the finals if they get Jamal Murray back. MPJ wouldn’t be enough. They need Murray. The two man game with him and Jokic is deadly.

Bubble Jamal Murray was something special to behold. Being from Toronto, I have always taken an interest in the Canadian talent across the league. We have the 2nd most NBA players by country but always choke during Olympic qualifying. When I’m not cheering for the Raptors, I’m always cheering for whichever team has a Canadian who contributes significantly. I hope Murray can make a meaningful return. Joker is amazing and even with an MVP he is underappreciated because his game isn’t exactly sexy.

This is the Golden Era of Canadian Basketball as the game really took off with those early 2000 Raptors teams led by Vinsanity. I remember there were hardly any Canadian’s in the league at that time. Jamal Mcgloire and Bill Wennington and of course Steve Nash but he hadn’t reached his peak yet. I used to watch UConn games around this time strictly for Denham Brown. He was a local legend who once scored 100 pts in a high school game but he never made the league.

Due to severe anhedonia caused by PFS for the past year, I am unable to follow much outside of the boxscores. I think KD and Kyrie if healthy are a deadly duo and I’d have to agree that they are the team to beat. Seeing how Ben Simmons fits in that mix should be intriguing. I have a feeling Simmons in broken beyond repair. Confidence forever shattered and if you can’t shoot in todays game then you just aren’t a plus contributor. I’d like to see Nash get a title as a coach.

Strangely the Warriors have been worse since Klays return but Draymond has also been out. If they get to full strength I like the Warriors in the West.

Damn I miss talking sports.

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Also I have to say… I thought that Zion was gonna be the leagues most exciting player to watch, and if he can regain his health and conditioning he still very well could be. I saw Zion in person at Duke with RJ, Cam Reddish and Trae Jones. Could have been the best Duke team ever but they didn’t live up to expectations. Zion is just a freak of nature if there ever was one.

But this Ja Morant kid… wow just wow

He is like a young Russell Westbrook on steroids.

Easily the most exciting player in todays game and his journey to the league was incredible.

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