Soft Penis and Less excitement


I am 33 years old and I had Propecia for 8 days. 

After this hell broke loose. I now have rubbery penis and though the quantity of semen discharge is at par the power in the ejaculations and the excitement with sex has diminished significantly.

So just afer 8 days, I stopped taking this medicine and it is 4 days since. I am a little scared and am not sure how long will it take to be normal again. Generally how long does it take to get normal in the bright scenarios and the fact that I had it for 8 days only.

Details: Natural and early morning erections are gone. Need to work a lot harder during mastrubation. Light pain in the testicles from time to time.

Please help with any links or advice and what can be done to speeden the recovery process.


In the brightest scenarios you should have already returned to normal.

More likely though, it’ll be a month or so. If no/minimal recovery by then, welcome home.

It is only 4 days since you quit. Please read FAQ at top of site:

Watch for feeling of DHT returning in next 1.5 weeks. You should get bloodtests, especially Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, LH, FSH, Estradiol and DHT done as soon as you can, to see what effect the drug was having on your hormones, should things go wrong down the road.

If you continue to feel great over the next few months, you should have nothing to worry about. Most likely everything will be fine.

I know everyone’s body tick’s differently … but i know exactly how you feel about this matter as i am still in the same position but things have gotten better!

I was on propecia for about 9 months, (im 25) and i noticed everything below was just began to stop working correctly.

its been a good 10 days since ive been off the stuff, and the day i quit, i began to take

  • Korean Gingseng
  • Seven Seas One-A-Day Pure Cod Liver Oil
  • Vitabiotics Wellman
  • Seven Seas Zinc plus Vitamin C
  • Ginkgo

Things have become firm below again! Ive noticed such a big difference. Morning erections are back, random ones too… and last night i was on a date, and i was so turned on by this girl, that i was shocked things below suddenly just woke up. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, usually im dull and cant be bothered.

All i know is, the supplements above, i think, have kinda boost things alittle in my system or it could be just because im off the stuff.

I always felt foggy when i was on the poison, slurring time to time, getting my words muddled up.

All i know is, i feel i have gained some hope. Ive not had any test’s or anything, but i am going to try to sort some out soon.

My erections where limp and soft, now i can honestly say, since ive been off the stuff and let my self rest bellow without any manual assist. i was on my way to the airport all of sudden in the car… bang, it was like WOOD! alittle soft but extra stronger then most occasions. a morning erection like no other… my smile was ridiculously big

last night it was even better! I just hope i keep on this recovery road. therefore there is hope!

After about 10 days of quitting is when most people experience a surge in DHT as 5AR2 comes back online, leading to improvement in symptoms.

I highly doubt your improvements have anything to do with the supplements you are taking.

Hopefully your recovery lasts… if you find it is shortlived in the coming few weeks, then you’ll have reason for concern. In the meantime, enjoy.

So chances are that what im feeling is only temporary? and it could all go down hill for me again?

Did you read FAQ at top of site? If not, please do.

The vast majority of men recover to their former selves and continue on as normal. A minority do not, as the recovery is only temporary (a few weeks). We on this site are in that minority.

Like I said, if things are improving for you, great, go and enjoy your life. However, IF the improvements fade and reverse (again, unlikely) in the next few weeks/months, then you might want to consider visiting here.

It is important to tell people what has been happening over the last few months. I went through hell.
First the sexual issues and then a bomb. One fine day all my sensations around the body went numb. Imagine holding the steering of a car and not feeling it.
I ended up at the table of a neurologist. Luckily it was found to be Vitamin B12 deficiency. I strongly urge people with numbness to look out for this Vitamin. 2 months on injections gabapentin and b12 supplements - the issue went off.
Now I am just on Vitamin B12 capsules once a day. Overall the erections returned but not as before … so I went to an Endo and got the T levels checked with blood work. It came as 273. Aparently normal range starts at 350. Lipid levels went way off and that is becos of low T levels.
I dont want to go for Testestorone Replacment Therapy so I am planing on trying herbal supplements first. Any suggestions.

boost-your-low-testosterone. … rally.html

Everything you’ll need is here.


Did you ever experience any stomach problems, like stomach ulcer?

Read the post I added a while back about B12. Many of the propecia users have this problem with a b12 deficiency.

Many pills cause stomach ulcers, which is esentially H Pylori Bacteria. More than half of all adults have H Pylori. The Bacteria robs the B12 from your body.

Here is Merck admitting that pills many times are the culprit for the bacteria.

Helicobacter pylori and vitamin B12 deficiency ANKARA, TURKEY.

It is estimated that more than 50 per cent of adults in developed countries are infected with the Helicobacter pylori bacterium. H pylori has been implicated in stomach ulcers, indigestion (dyspepsia), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), stomach cancer, and MALT lymphoma. About 10-15 per cent of adults over 60 years of age are affected by a vitamin B12 (cobalamin) deficiency. Researchers at the Turkish Military Medical Academy now provide convincing evidence that the two are linked. A detailed study of 138 patients with vitamin B12 deficiency and anaemia discovered that 77 (58 per cent) of the patients had a H pylori infection. Eradication of this infection successfully cured the anaemia and reversed the vitamin B12 deficiency in 31 (40 per cent) of the 77 infected patients.

The researchers conclude that a H pylori infection can cause a vitamin B12 deficiency and that this deficiency, in many cases, can be totally eliminated by eradicating the infection. EDITOR’S NOTE: Memory loss, fatigue, and mental confusion are often the first indicators of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Esentially, you can get b12 shots and it may help you, but if you don’t remove the H pylori bacteria from your body it may happen again. Your dr can run a simple test to check for the bacteria. … highlight=

Actually I dont exactly remember, all I know is that this medicine kickstarted a domino effect that has lasted till today. I will try the herbal and vitamin supplements given above.

I am back again in this forum after a long time.
Time sure flies but I feel all should know that I am fairly normal with bouts of erectile issues.
I just want all to know that this medicine really turned around my life in a negative way.

The numbness issues are gone but erectile issues are cyclic.
In hindsight I have started a cardio and strength training routine for 2+ years now.

I understand your situation. Still, u r far better than many here.

did you notice physical changes in your penis? (wrinkling, narrowing, feeling loss of penis weight) or when exposed to cold water it doesnt retract?

i can have a normal sex again but these things are the one that took toll on me emotionally because it is permanent. i took fin for a week.