Shortness of breath


Anyone else feeling shortness of breath post-fin? I’m not sure if it’s caused by PFS, but I get it pretty bad. It’s the feeling of having to gasp for breath and especially in the evening I can’t get a satisfying amount of air into my lungs. So shortness of breath. It’s really annoying… the tests also show that I have incapacitated lung volume, it’s only about 350 ml/min when I should be able to generate about 500-600 ml/min.

Sorry if the terms I used are all fucked up, I’m not familiar with lung-related terms :frowning:.

From what a lot of people say it’s from estrogen. I had it early days but has gone now unless I throw my estrogen levels out. Try son myomin and see if gets better.

I have the same problem!
I don’t know if it’s related to anxiety or a type of asthma.

If I have some news I’ll keep you updated!

Has anyone had this and it improved? My breathing is very shallow and there’s a “hollow” feeling inside of my lungs and body. Like even when I take deep breaths, it doesn’t go away. When I try to exercise, I have to suck wind but it’s not the same. Like a dead, shortness of breath.

I have the same and i found some ways for relieve. Fasting being the best way, just do not eat for a long time, your breathing will get better over time. In the upcoming Italian study from melcangi he found that all pfs victims that were in the study have altered microbiomes. I did a test 5 years back and my results were also severe dysbiosis. If food does not digest well it gets in the way of breathing properly I believe.
Fresh air also helps tremendously, my breathing gets so much better when sitting outside or when i leave a window open. the more fresh air the better.
What also helps in my case is sitting in the dark. Somehow when i focus too much especially on moving images such as television, but also light emitting devices, the front of my head stiffens but also the rest of my body and therefore also interfering with my breathing.
Lastly, posture is also important for me. What helps me the most is rotating my pelvis and pointing my belly forward.

Pulmonary Hypertension is a pretty rare disease and slowly developing chronic condition.
This is most likely probably not the case, but I havent seen any mention of it here, so i’ll at least throw it out there.
This is much different then just having high blood pressure.
Shortness of breath not related to asthma is one major debilitating symptom, it can also include lack of tolerance to exercise.
Again though a person probably wouldnt last long with this though, so I wouldnt think this would be the case here.
Funny thing they actually use Viagra to treat it, this was first being developed for this specific condition, before it was marketed for ED.

I noticed the faint feeling of suffocation often during the first few months after developing PAS and it did improve much during the first 6-months post-drug. Have still noticed it off and on throughout the years. It never entirely went away for good. It often accompanies an “overheated for no reason” sensation that also appeared for the first time after crashing.

Altered brain neurosteroid balance causes serotonergic dysfunction that causes pseudo-dyspnea, Also acid reflux can cause this. You might get panic attacks if this worsens.

Is there anything we can do about this?

Do aerobic exercise and emdr training but, it took two years of time for me to recover without using ssri. If you use them, you can recover in weeks but your pfs quadruples…
So be patient try not to think about it, when it happens.
I know it is a bitch but, you should not give in and do over breathing.
If you over breath, this will make your blood acidic then, this disturbs intra and extra cellular calcium balance and you get spasms in your muscles which might turn in to chocking feeling to weird aches all around your body.
In the end you might get a panic disorder.

So knowing this just be patient and do aerobic exercise.

And absolutely do not over-breath…