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Google search

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38, 177 cm, 71 kg

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1 mg per day

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4-5 years

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Cold turkey

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Few months

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ED, Peyronie’s, IBS, social anxiety, Gyno, insomnia

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Hearing loss
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Low T

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Hello everyone. Thought I’d sign up to share my experiences and get some advice. I took finasteride for 4-5 years around 2006-2010. I can’t remember exactly it’s just too long ago. When I noticed that a mild gyno had grown on me and more and more negative reports were heard, I jumped off. The gyno was also not classic with cartilage directly under the nipples but rather scattered lumps in the chest area. Well, I’d rather have an ending with horror than a horror without end. I have never noticed any sexual side effects. Well, in hindsight, I have to say that while I was taking finasteride, other changes also made themselves felt in me. I became more withdrawn, developed social anxiety and food intolerance/irritable bowel syndrome. Nevertheless, I always thought I had made the jump soon enough. The big shock a few months ago. I felt hard plaques in my penis, diagnosis Peyronie’s. A disease that otherwise mainly affects the late 60s and rarely the late 30s. At the same time, erectile dysfunction begins and the sensitivity of the penis decreases rapidly. A urologist asks me if I regularly have a morning wood and I’m perplexed. I’ve never thought about it, but in fact it must have been a long time since my last morning wood. My cavernous bodies probably aged massively during the period of fin consumption and I have now received the receipt.I was prescribed tadalafil and all of a sudden I started to feel action again at night and in the morning. But now throw in chemicals again for the rest of your life… And who knows how long it will last. The endocrinologist diagnosed me with low testosterone. Once 11 nmol and once 5 nmol. Am now on TRT. Does it change anything? Presumably finasteride completely shot my axle at that time. Unfortunately, it has become clear to me that this stuff will probably haunt you until the end of your life. As the dermatologist said to me: If the libido weakens, stop taking it. How foolish I was to trust that. I also consider making an appointment with Prof Zitzmann. I am currently wondering whether the journey makes sense. He also seems to just prescribe TRT most of the time. What do you all mean? Also, how do you rate his androgen resistance test? Does this diagnosis help you?


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Welcome @Schneider! Thank you for telling your story. Every story helps us understand this disease a little bit better.

And I’m sorry you’re still struggling with the side effects. Would you say that they’re the same as they were in the beginning, or has there been a lot of change on the way (apart from the Peyronie’s)?

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Very sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with side effects for so many years now. You have some pretty difficult symptoms that I can definitely relate to. What kind of TRT protocol are you on?

TRT will most likely not do anything for you, for whatever reason Finasteride or any other anti androgenic inhibitory drugs with these side effects permanently change the function of androgens and to what extent we don’t know. I used TRT for 8 months and I never got an erection or my libido back and I lost muscle mass even while on it. There’s also a few others here who already were taking TRT and once they got PFS it stopped working all together.

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I am on 100 mg testosterone enanthate per week

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Doesn’t sound good. I’ll still give it a try. Nothing much too lose. And with t levels that low I might get other problems like diabetes pretty soon as well.

I did have improvements regarding social anxiety and being more social in general. I’d say my life was quite good until the Peyronie’s diagnosis. Now this diagnosis has totally crashed me. My thoughts are always about: why the hell did I start taking this drug back in the days…

“Nevertheless, I always thought I had made the jump soon enough. The big shock a few months ago.”

This is absolutely horrible, if you think you didn’t enter the hell after a great mistake and than it takes you after a decade.

I’m only one year in and I’m in permanent regret over taking the poison and having destroyed my life for nothing. It was no need for such a brachial medication at this time.

Such a shame, bro!

@Jimwildman was on TRT before, during, and after fin.

As mentioned by @Taw, I was on TRT (Androgel) for 3 years before I took Proscar. Apparently the AndroGel kept my testosterone levels propped up despite the PFS, because the numbers showed no decrease.

I went from daily sex then, to having no sex for over 3 years now. I’m still on TRT and my test levels remain constant.

Honestly, the loss of sex and penile shrinkage are the least of my worries. My brain fog, utter exhaustion, poor balance/coordination suck life’s essence out of me. I wish you a better recovery. My retirement years are a joke. Jim


If testosterone is either converted into estrogen or DHT, wouldn’t that mean testosterone is just a precursor and the others are more active?

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How are you doing, brother?

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