Saw Palmetto scare - advice and thoughts?

Just sticking to a recovery protocol for the amount of time I have, really. I cycled herbs and ate paleo with carb backloading ala Cdnuts, and used the DHT prohormone cycles too. 4 cycles up until now. Also used 5a-DHP as well as from time to time, and one cycle I used 4-DHEA (Super 4 Andro Rx from Iron Mag Labs). I think just finding something that works for you in some capacity and sticking with it is the key to this. Holistic healing, reducing stress, moving on with life…those kind of things. I know that’s not much help from a treatment capacity, but yeah…that’s really what I did.


Another story about recovery via homebrew to perk up your lousy day twiddling thumbs and waiting for that next big scientific breakthrough.


@maxout777 how are you doing bro?

He’s cured

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@Crembo What did he do?