Recovery from Genital Numbness and weak Orgasms

Has there been anyone who has recovered from genital numbness and no feeling during orgasm? I’ve had fluctuations in all of my symptoms except these which lead me to believe there’s some kind of unrepairable damage.

No clue but I do know that before I even took any of these drugs my orgasims didn’t really feel like much. I think for me it’s getting older (I’m in late 20s).

Late 20s is young and your orgasms should be mind blowing. Everything else isnt normal.

Its possible to develop pfs symptoms from many supplements or even diets. It doesnt even have to be a drug.

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I agree if anything age may affect libido or erection strength but orgasms shouldn’t change from what I understand. And definitely not in your 20s. (I’m 26)

Maybe, but ask your friends if there’s are still mind blowing. Not a teenager anymore and had lots of them. Seems at least for me that over time they just don’t have the same affect. Most my friends agree. Not saying it’s normal, but they certainly are not distressed about it like I am. I micro-analyze everything now.

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I want to ask the same question… has anyone actually recovered 100% from these sides?
(Orgasm intensity and numbness)

I have, I’m certain all symptoms come and go besides libido for me which is always low


Can you please go in some details here? So you have all of those sypmtoms and they can be as intense as pre-Fin (100% healthy back) time to time? Are you sure? How long these temporary recoveries last? Can your orgasms gain back the intense, mind blowing muscle contractions back as well as numbness? Thanks very much.

I’ve had some minor temporary sensitivity fluctuations, but have you gone from feeling nothing upon ejaculation to feeling something or even like it was pre fin? This hasn’t changed for me one bit

hey, can you please send me a message about how you got pfs. It seems like you really know your stuff as you said its posibble to develop pfs symptoms from diets. I believe my crash diet 2 years ago gave me pfs symptoms that have not resolved even after 2+ years. I met someone from allthingsmale forum who states the exact same thing, caused by Atkins diet. Im 24 happened when I was 21, the dude from allthingsmale forum is in his 40’s

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Bro you still there?

H im new member sorry for my english , but i have same loss orgasm and numb penis ,i have 18years old