Question about Proviron (DHT)?

Hi everyone. I’m looking for someone who have knowledge about: How much DHT our body utilise from a dose of 100mg a day (4 pills of 25mg at once first thing when I wake up).

BTW: “Around 5 to 7% of testosterone undergoes 5α-reduction into DHT, and approximately 200 to 300 μg of DHT is synthesized in the body per day. Most DHT is produced in peripheral tissues like the skin and liver, whereas most circulating DHT originates specifically from the liver.”

300mg …3 fucking hundred for a normal person. If thats the case then when I take 100mg after its being break down and shit I guess there is like 15mg clean DHT for use. Well no fucking wonder we are sick.

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how much DHT the body utilizes is entirely dependant on the state of your androgen receptors. If someones AR’s are highly sensitive and primed they will use a much greater percentage of the DHT their body synthesizes.

Also whether the DHT is free or not is important. A quantity will not be able to bind to AR’s


Thanks dude. I saw that when I take Proviron, i feel masculine and strong for an hour and a half at least. And after that the inner crying depressed bitch wakes up inside my head. BTW if I don’t take Proviron after a day I feel and have gay thoughts.
And now have to deal with this shit. Another thing when I take proc and fast for 8 10 hours I feel fuckin great like pre pfs but on beast mode. Anyway thanks again.

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Just curious, are you trying to use Proviron to maintain a good state? Or are you trying to test @pal’s crash and reset success anecdote?

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look bro, well i do believe that guy no matter how many guys here crashed. first week i felt terrible always high blood pressure always crying bitch inside my head and overall body and mind fatigue. but yesterday i felt such a high sex drive it was 10x better pre PFS state and my cock literally grew half inch longer and and become fat as fuck. muscles all over the body pumped even tho im laying on the couch all day long with laptop. mind state was Primal , no bullshit no talking no if’s no why’s no fear of anything But then fantasizing jacking and edging in the shower changed all that to just feeling ok. Even if Proviron wont work the way it worked for him. I will keep taking it. You see my body not producing DHT like when i was 16 yo and was fucking my ex 10 times everyday. So i will stay on it it makes me feel good. Btw im taking Aromasin every other day too.

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