Predisposition May Be A Non-Factor


i think its not a predisposition and on/off definitely triggers pfs. in the official studies they told the people to take finasteride every day. im sure these people never stopped and did no occasional breaks. but what would have happened in these studies when they only took it once a week ? or doing breaks because of holidays and so on. i believe the on/off is a big trigger. thats why so many people stopped the drug without problems first time. i think its like : how likely is it that the endocrine system crash because of stopping/restarting? it happens not often but it happens. the cases where it happens are here on this forum


I am ordering mine now. It’s been hard financially cause I don’t have a job. I’ve been hit hard and have had to apply for disability. I’ll try and ask my cousin. I haven’t directly spoken to him about it. He just lost a baby so it’s a bit of a rough time for him.