Poor skin sensitivity over body


Oxerutin is a flavonoid that seems to be blocking androgens, inhibiting Nos2 and much more. I was given to the veins dilated on the penis along with the gel, to restore the damaged skin. After 7 days of taking my body crashed and my penis died completely. Ultrasonography indicates a severe tissue anomaly Ultrasound on my penis


i dont understand… why did your doc give you oxerutin?


Because I trusted him…


Oxerutin would have reduced the veins…
He dissolved them completely…


what were you complaining of I mean. You went to the doctor because??? and he gave you oxerutin because of you complaining of what?

Diethylamine Salicylate is Antiandrogen?

I had damaged skin… too much use… an edema
Doctor have destroy my life…


Friend, you have lose size penis?
or do you feel empty and light?


penis size is the same. It however does feel empty and light. Also the prostate feels empty


Yeah is a fucking nightmare…


My body is more and more anesthetized, I do not even feel my tongue anymore fuck!


I am on the other side… My skin is oversensitive, mostly on the legs, sometimes on the entire body. It feels so bad when I am dressed, the only time I feel good while I am experiencing that is when I get naked.


Friend but what drug did you get?


Saw Palmetto and Regaine


Ok. Regaine is Minoxidil. I believe you have PAS.
The PAS have hypersensitivity…


Dunno if it’s PAS or PFS, but is it is horrible indeed! IMO PAS and PFS and even PSSD are the same shit type of syndromes. Will have a look definitely about PAS if thay got hypersensitive skin like me… Cheers!


Yes is very HORRIBLE…


How many of severe cases have this symptom i wonder?


The insensitive and gummy skin is due to the lack of nitric oxide?
According to this article, yes! let’s try to increase it! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Sensory information from the eyes, skin or ears goes first to the thalamus, which acts like a gateway and either allows the information to flow on to the cortex, the thinking part of the brain, or stops it. Scientists knew that the thalamus sends information to the cortex, but did not know that nitric oxide affects how the cortex communicates back.
‚ÄúWhat we have shown is that nitric oxide released into the thalamus enhances communication between the thalamus and cortex. This is a whole new understanding of how the brain communicates,‚ÄĚ said Godwin.
He explained that the cortex receives visual information from the thalamus that is basically just a small part of an image, analogous to a pixel in a photograph. The cortex then builds up a more complex representation, which it then feeds back to the thalamus to select the information that it needs to complete or organize the picture. Nitric oxide enhances this feedback effect.


I had this but not on penis but over adipose tissue on the body it became thick and rubbery with not much feeling and slowly kept changing and now is thinner and just like water filled like a balloon…


I can’t read all that right now, but if you want to boost nitric oxide, a small serving of pomegranate juice could help. Apparently so could raw garlic.