[POLL] Have you taken Minoxidil/Rogaine/etc...?

Have you taken Minoxidil?

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I have noticed that my health problems started before finasteride, I got strogenic I think before, could have been strees, or could have been Minoxidil that I took. Anyways it would be great to know how many of you took Minoxidil apart from Finasteride.

Minoxidil and all hair loss products for that matter can give you the same side effects as finasteride. It’s just as risky. If you search google you’ll find people with PFS symptons from using minxodil alone.

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Definitely Minoxidil + Finasteride its a synergistic bomb for hormones

I invite you to consult my thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11749

Here one of these cases with only 14 days of Rogaine askapatient.com/mobile/viewr … &PerPage=1

Question is: Can the psf crash be induced by Rogaine use after quit Finasteride?

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Date Added: 9/2/2016 Sex: M Age: 21

Reason: hairloss

Side Effects: loss of libido, weak erections, no morning erections, no nocturnal erections, orgasms don’t feel enjoyable, testicular pain, penis pain, flacid penis shrunk, depression, emotional numbness, brain fog, heart palpatations, insomnia, very bad dandruff, watery semen, less volume in semen, constipation, muscle spasms, water retention

Comments: i used this stuff for only 2 weeks and i have lost my libido, have erectile disfunction, no morning wood , i feel like an emotionless zombie. this stuff has made my life a living hell and i feel so numb and depressed. i was always a healthy young boy full of energy and life, with a sky high libido, now i feel like an 80 year old zombie, i pray that this isn’t forever. it has been 13 weeks later and i still feel the same. i don’t want to continue living like this, if anyone has become recovered, please email me, i am beyond desperate

Duration: 14 days Dosage: 2X D

Actually I think I had that problem, I left finasteride and I dont remember to crash until later that I was doing minoxidil and I was doing it quite hard 5% and I put a lot… stupid me… for first time I had ED watching porn, never in my life before I was watching porn and he erection fade away NEVER.

Yes. I took it when I was 17 for 6 months. and I’ve had ED ever since. Also chronically dry skin and no collagen in the skin. I got my hormones measured and my DHT is indeed low, with estrogen and testosterone high. Didn’t get any other hormones measured but I wouldn’t be surprised if I have progesterone dominance as well.

I don’t think it has the same sides as Finasteride. Yes, it is a 5-AR inhibitor. It will reduce your DHT especially in large doses which will cause a variety of problems. But, it doesn’t have the vast neurosteroid side effects that Finasteride seems to have. I don’t have suicidal thoughts. I don’t have memory or eyesight issues. Just some libido and skin issues, both of which can hopefully be solved with some sort of DHT medication such as Masterone, proviron, or drostanolone. If they aren’t, well, I’ll keep searching for a solution. I did have a “crash” when I got off the drug where my libido and skin looked amazing then crashed 7 days later.

I am thankful I haven’t taken Finasteride and I will never take Finasteride or any other 5-AR inhibitor. I will go bald. Your skin and sex drive play a much bigger means for attraction than hair, there is no reason to trade them off for then. There are also other means of discouraging hairloss such as anti-inflammatories, masturbating less, dermarolling, LLLT, and GHK-CU. Not to mention hair systems and hats. Anyone who has taken a true 5-AR inhibitor has my sympathy.

I personally know people that using Minoxidil, Saw Palmetto, Zinc and Milk thistle without any problem.

I personally know people taking finasteride with any problem…

I also got your symptoms. I realized the next summer after minoxidil I had for the first times wrinkles in my face, and my skin was so dry…

And I know people that take Accutane and have no problems.

I took minoxidil for a year and lost all sexual function/ libido, dry skin, total insomnia, loss of motivation, depression, anxiety, genital numbness/ shrinkage, and fatigue. That was 9 years ago and nothing has changed. Don’t use it.


Any chance you could take the survey? It would help to show, at a statistical level, that Minoxodil is potentially very dangerous. Thanks!

Yes, I took the survey. Glad to see more about minoxidil coming out on this forum. I’ve seen Dr. Goldstein to asses whether this was the same as PFS and he confirmed it was identical to his pfs patients. It would be interesting to see how many users are here because of minoxidil as well

We unfortunately don’t have any responses under your @Kd28 user. You can click on the graph icon above to access the survey. Please take it on a desktop computer and not mobile.

Ah that’s what it is. Once I get to my computer I’ll happily fill it out.

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Nothing has changed for 9 years? Has your libido not improved over those 9 years?
I took it 3 years ago, and still have ED, as well as genital shrinkage.

I wonder if some of these brands are adding finasteride to there minoxidil? I wonder if this can be tested.

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No, Minoxidil has been shown to be an anti androgen.

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This is exactly what I was thinking!
I am certainly not a guy who is into conspiracy theories or likes to blow things up. However, everybody on this forum knows how greedy, unethical, and unscrupulous those pharma companies are. We’ve seen how they lied about Finasteride and how they downplayed side effects.
Who can guarantee that those pharma companies did not mix finasteride into the minoxidil solution? In effect, the customer would apply topical finasteride+minoxidil. The product would be labeled as minoxidil, however due to the added finasteride the hair would grow faster and thicker. Pharma companies would collect bigger checks, as the customer would see faster and more consistent results.

There are certainly ways to test the solutions, maybe by high-performance liquid chromatography? Are there some labs that have experience with those kind of things? Who can help?

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I know, just wondering though there’s a few others here who have the same suspicions