PFS Research in 2021: PFSNetwork fundraising for research projects with the PFSFoundation in Summer

Not yet. But talks are ongoing and progressing well. We have several projects in the pipeline and hope to have more concrete news soon.

I know it’s frustrating that it takes this long and updates are scarce, but these things move slowly as all people involved have numerous commitments.

But so far so good. Stay positive, be patient and if luck is on our side for once this year could still become fairly eventful!


Still no news here?
Any hopes of getting an actual government funded big league kind of study going?

There will be an update soon. We’re hoping to finalise one study which will be funded solely by the PFS Network team in the very near future and additionally we hope to announce fundraising plans for a larger scale study with that.

A lot of exciting progress has been made as a result of the hard work of Axo & Sugarhouse of late and we’re hoping to capitalise on that.


wow this is great news!

our mods are cold blooded killers (its a compliment :smiley: )

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that’s good news,thank you for your strive. I have some idea,can you provide a Chinese account for donation?Perhaps the foundation should consider setting up branches in populous countries such as China and India.

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Hi @baitongWu

We have set up our accounts with a bank that allows for free/low-cost multi-currency transactions. We don’t currently have a Chinese account set up, but if there were enough patients willing to donate, it’s quite easy to do.

thank you,my friend, so where can we see this account? Does it only accept large donations?Is daily small donation will be accept?

We’ll be making details available when we make the announcement. You can either make large or small donations, it’s completely up to you and we appreciate the support.

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That’s nice but from what I read currently price per one CRISPR treatment/patient would be 2 million US dollars, there is no way I will ever be able to afford that :pensive:

I see the sickle-cell article you’re referring to.

Important to remember two things:

  1. The technology is still in the extremely early stages of being available to consumers. Most technologies like this start off expensive, and the price reduces as it reaches scale and demand increases.
  2. Currently treatment needs to be administered by specialists, of which there are very few, which factors into the cost you’re referring to for sickle-cell. Once the technology reaches scale and is widely commercialised that won’t be the case and the price will reduce further. This is also just one disease CRISPR is being trialled on currently.

Also worth noting that anyone can buy a CRISPR kit currently, and they’re cheap.

Either way, it’s a ways off so no point worrying about it currently.


Hope so much gene editing becomes commercial standard as fast and mighty as the computer revolution.
And investors support every hope full project.

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