Opinion on testosterone and reset

Hello again, I feel testosterone has pretty much helped me but like I said… losing hair. I get it, don’t bitch and complain. Like I said before this could be just for now and I may crash again but hear me out and give me your opinions… if this is really a “fix” my receptors should be fine according to our theory. Do you guys think I should attempt to come off and see how I feel with my natural production? And for the record still… definitely not minoxidil right ?

And before everyone attacks me about doing the survey I have tried and it has crashed multiple times but I will do it on computer…


If you’re saying you’re feeling fine and without symptoms now, don’t take any chances and ruin your life by trying to save your hair. Get it all buzzed off and get used to wearing a hat in summer.


If you want to come off do a proper PCT. If your hpta doesn’t restart after that, then you will have to take trt for life unfortunately, but thats still better than no treatment.


stay on TRT if your feeling good on it most of us would kill to be in your position, drop the whole hair loss thing it’s clearly not worth it man.

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Agreed with all above. Stay off of the hair drugs if you’re feeling good. There are other alternatives for hair loss as well you could try that aren’t poison drugs. Maybe look into PRP hair treatments and red light hair treatments?

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nwOordeath , what is PCT and hpta ? Also, does anyone know the different endo problems of pfs. Propecia destroyed me in 1998 @ the age of 38. Now 59. Try for 12 years, off for last 8 years. Had never seen a Dr until propecia. In 2 months , deep, dark , depression for 2 years. Accused in Dr report of drug seeker. Finally he tested testosterone, was 186. Put me on trt . Still I had to go to a different Dr and start over. Have learned to live with the reality of my new life. What destroys me now is taking to any Dr. No one believes in pfs. I now have, in the first 5 years about 8 or 9 Dr . Have Grave’s disease ( with hyper active thyroid ) , 2 heart attacks, sleep apnea, pyronies disease, A.D.D., migraine aura’s , constant inability to find words , hypogonadism , semen that is the consistency of silcone rubber , very little ejaculate, no sensation , the list goes on. The worst case of pfs I’ve ever heard of. ALL this diagnosed before 2008, long before I could ever find anything about pfs. But I knew the cause , in 98 and flushed remaining pills. Does anyone else have close to this amount of problems. Or any of these problems that is not recognised as pfs related ? One note , Clonazepam has helped me deal , Tri- mix injection helped to straighten somewhat , collapse of penile tissue. As of now , no Dr will allow me to resume try, because my testosterone level is 221. I always feel truamatized after visiting a Dr. , as they don’t believe a thing that I say. If this affected them for just 2 months , they would FULLY understand.

Meant to say testosterone replacement therapy 12 years, off last 8 years (against my then endocrinologist’s advise). Took my self off after report that it caused heart attacks
Had 2nd attack 2 year’s later. Hyper lipidemia also another of my conditions. Now they all say I’m in normal limit ( 221) if I remember correctly. Close to that. Since I’m totally disabled now, don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go to a state that has a pfs Dr for help. Good luck to all.

Oh yeah, and most definitely BRAIN FOG.

If I didn’t make this clear, at 38 years old never saw a Dr since I was a child , to having seen Drs constantly since. Also all my conditions hit me hard (within few short years , and long before I ever heard of pfs, but I told my brother in 2005 that he would one day see lawsuit commercials on TV concerning propecia. Life is hard on me, but I push on.

Apparently no one here listens to me either, lol.
Is there a chat room ?

@Here-to-help Thank you for sharing some of your story here. Could you make a member story? It lets everyone here get to know the full picture regarding your situation. Additionally, as you have suffered from this condition for so long (which I am very sorry to read), it would be highly valauble if you could take our Post-Drug Syndrome Patient Survey.

The data generated will help to characterize the condition(s) that have come to be known as PFS, PAS and PSSD, along with several other persistent syndromes resulting from various substances.

The survey can be accessed through the bar-graph icon at the top of your screen after you have posted a member story and participated in the forum for a bit, and remember, the survey can be halted at any time and continued at a later time/date.

By doing your part, you take another step toward establishing the legitimacy of persistent post-drug side effects and another step toward the understanding we need to find a cure.

You are not alone in these symptoms, many members here have reported these variously over the years.

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