New Melcangi paper: "Post-Finasteride Syndrome: An Emerging Clinical Problem"

Hope Baylor will get published too

Sounds to me like they are about to the end of the line with it…

What do you base that statement on? Just curious as they something like 5 years overdue and I’m skeptical at this point they will ever release anything.

7 years overdue my friend , they sure must care about those 2 men that commit suicide after they did the study.

So has the study been completed but never released?

A year ago they said it was going through a peer review process, so apparently it’s done but I think Merck got involved, back in 2013 they said they had significant findings so there’s definitely something that is going on behind the scenes. Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy theorist but nothing about that study sounds right, Melcangi has been putting out studies on this without delay, Baylor still hasn’t done jack.

Ok thanks for the update. I’ve sort of lost track of it.