Nelt's Story 6 years still up and down

Update…erections have been strong the last 6 weeks of intimacy with wife with NO pills. I have been intermittent fasting and cold plunging which
I think is having a positive impact.

Bro what is your secret to overcoming anxiety

Hey man - Strengthening my spiritual life by reading my Bible and having a personal relationship with Jesus. He gives a peace that is beyond understanding, which is the most impactful.
From the working out, physical side intermittent fasting, cold plunging and deep breathing have been good for my body. I stopped Propecia 8.5 yrs ago and that’s when my problems started. How about you?

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Hey man, sorry I don’t think I responded to your message the correctly so you probably didn’t receive. I keep things anyway by staying in my Bible and close Jesus, having a personal relationship with him, gives a peace be understanding. From the physical side, lifting weights, intermittent fasting, and Cold Plunge Inc. has made a great impact. How are you doing?

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Thanks friend, I’m ok, have bad days, have normal days, I’ve been off Propecia for over a month and it’s been a roller coaster at the moment, it’s been a crazy ride

Been a year since I got off Propecia. Lots of peaks and valleys. Currently things are good. Never give up hope and don’t get too low in the rough times.

Been 8 years not a year

Update - After intense, consistent prayer, the Lord put on my heart to start intermittent fasting.
Wow! What a difference!
It’s been almost 4 months I am able to have erections and intercourse couple times a week with my wife using NO supplements. I do drink a little watermelon juice 15/20 min prior but the fasting has made a HUGE difference. I only eat relatively healthy food between 10:30am - 7pm, giving my body time to cleanse and repair itself. I recommend trying it! Hoping this continues for decades to come! Praise Jesus!


Update - I was doing great for a few months then started having sexual performance problems again.
What I’ve figured out is Propecia messed up my hormones and my estrogen levels go too high. I’m using Arimidex which brings my estrogen levels down to proper levels and corrects my challenges.
I was taking 1 pill a week, but not doing 1/2 pill every 3 or 4 days and I feel better. I’d prefer to do all natural but will stay this path for awhile as it is working.