My Strange PFS symptoms also all symptoms of Kidney Disease

Did my first real yard work this spring yesterday…Was up half the night last sick as a dog…Stomach, busting headache…I got really hot yesterday working, bad mistake this is getting worse each summer…

Overdosing on supplements everyday isnt good for your kidneys. Protein shakes, vitamin D, NAC, Diatomaceous Earth Aloe Vera juice have given me pains in my lower back in the past. When I stop taking them the pain goes away. Could also be a sign of poor adrenal function.

I’m even way worse than this now can’t do any yard work anymore…Did anyone else ever follow up more with the kidney angle? I also posted a thread here years back about eating baking soda helping more than anything else I’ve tried.


@holyhead do you still taking B.S or did you become resistant?

I stopped pretty much…it didn’t do anything to help anymore but I did improve but physically I have gotten much worse…baking soda h e lped. Me feel better in a different way

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There’s a few of us in this very unfortunate group who get a temp improvement from supps/foods etc only to continue to deteriorate no matter what. I thought it was impossible to get any worse 3 years ago but the decline continues. It’s like Bejamin Button. What specifically has got worse physically @holyhead?

Hi Holyhead
Mean you Adrenal glands in German Speak Nebennieren??
i had low Cortisol…


Both of you received radio therapy (or chemo) before or after PFS?

Radiotherapy during pfs

I started to piss a lot. Recently, having passed the tests, I found an increased protein in the urine and a reduced protein in the blood. Problems with kidneys gradually begin. How can I minimize or prevent them? Or is it an eternal degenerative process that nothing can stop? Also, neutrophils in the blood decreased very much and basophils increased. This may indicate violations in the production of immune cells by the bone marrow. My prostate became inflamed and I had herpes zoster for the first time in my life, as well as swollen lymph nodes all over my groin. I took indomethacin suppositories prescribed by the urologist, but the inflammation does not go away at all. And now he has prescribed me an antibiotic drug, Levofloxacin, which also adds stress to the kidneys.

Don’t use this. There’s a disese worse than PFS you can get from this class of antibiotics (fluoroquinolones).

They should only be used as a last possible mean of action. Please be careful!

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What can I substitute for levofloxacin to treat an infection in my prostate?

Did they specify which bacteria? If yes, use any antibiotic that works for that strain of bacteria that is not a fluoroquinolone.

Trust me you can get a disease that is worse than PFS from fluoroquinolones…

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There is an own reddit group called floxies 2100 members.

Yesterday I started taking levofloxacin in the morning and in the evening (500+500 mg). I managed to take only two tablets, but despite this I felt a pulling sensation at the top of the right thigh, as if ligaments or joints were inflated. After that I saw your post in the thread. I decided to stop taking it so that my condition would not worsen. Thanks

UPD: Now I feel heaviness when walking. The legs seem to lack plasticity. Feels like a joint injury. And all this only with 1 day of taking levofloxacin. Stay away from this shit.