My story...Guess its time to do this

Hi labrea

How bad were your symptoms when you crashed compared to now? I mean like fatigue, muscle loss, fog, concentration? How much do you think clomid helped? You say your libido raised after you came off it?

As far as I can tell, every sypmtom other than sexual stuff is completely gone. I work probably 70 hours a week (run my own company and have become a mini celebrity in my city). I still manage to party 4+ nights a week (I just graduated college). I am far more productive and hardworking than any of my peers. When I was at my worst state, I thought I was gonna be on disability for the rest of my life. I am very grateful.

I think that stuff improved with time. Never really felt any great improvements with Clomid but it may have helped.

All I am concerned with now is sexual stuff. Combination of low libido, not getting full erections and premature ejaculation. Cialis was working, now it is not. I am looking for natural alternatives.

I really wanna to figure this out fast. Girls are throwing themselves at me and I’m avoiding them until I am comfortable. Any suggestions?

do u have any blood report ,after the crash and a recent one? u wrote that ur balls shrank did they come back to normal size

I got blood taken yesterday, will have it again monday, and an appointment Friday.

Yes I had about every symptom on this site. Currently, everything about me mentally, physically is 100% normal. I’m mentally stronger than most of my peers. Amazing considering just a year ago I thought I was gonna be on disability my whole life, couldnt even keep a conversation going with my parents. Yes my genitals feel and look 100% fine.

All I care about now is either raising testosterone or finding a cure for my ED problems. Looking for any advice with that stuff. I know it may take time, but currently I want to find some sort of natural medication because I met an amazing girl and dont want to lose her.

Anyone have suggestions? Cialis was great but dosent work much for me any more, and I’ve been trying Yohimbe but still not sure about it…

This site changed alot for me. I think you’ll find the same in your condition, as you are not very bad and will probably react favorably to these supps


Good to see you back and that you got over most of your symptoms. Have you seen an endo recently, the guy who gave you Clomid for example, to see where your hormones are? We traded pms and you were as bad as me so I’m very pleased for you. Perhaps it was just a straightforward low testosterone crash, I read you experienced increased hairloss when you came off which isn’t the norm and perhaps suggests you had not damaged DHT sensitivity.

Labrea I read somewhere you had the loss of pleasure/enjoyment symptom from simple things, did this also improve? and if so via what means, did clomid help?

how low was ur T when u got tested first time? I would say just wait maybe ur T will come back normally. before u try any thing do tons of research. I can tell u some people use tribulus and get high T but on the same time I have read tons of stories of people who got hypogonadal after using Tribulus.

I do not have my past test results, but at one point my testosterone was levels were in the 100’s and my doctor said close to that of a women.

I believe my most recent test was around november and were back at 300. I will know in a week where they are at now.

I havent been on this site in a long time, and I forgot how screwed up I was a year ago. VERY grateful for where I am and sorry for those who have not improved much.

As I said, I feel mentally 100% (as far as I will ever know). The ONLY problem I have now is sexual. I believe because of low testosterone.

I am not sure how or why I improved so much. It seems that many people still have both mental and sexual sides and my mental sides are all gone. The 2 major things I did were Clomid and a 2 weeks health center retreat. However, I do not know how I benefited from these things other than that at some point, I started feeling much better.

To be honest, I stopped going to doctors and almost forgot about any health issues for 9 months. I also hadn’t been on this site in that time. I was so busy with school, friends and starting my business. I think this has a lot to do with my recovery.

I’ve had some hook ups and managed to get by with some Cialis. But recently I’ve been seeing a girl regularly and sex hasn’t been so good. Usually results in PE which I think is because I am struggling to keep it up and bust. Anyways, this has brought me back to the site, in hopes to figure out how to get better ASAP and be able to have the sex life I used to (I was legit a machine in bed before Propecia). Hoping to try things to boost my low T and other natural forms of Viagra.

Good luck. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry but I dont have the power to answer too many questions as I think being away from this site is one of the most beneficial things for me.

You can also try scaredinmd’s recovery method - as found in his recovery post - he said he has regained full sexual function

My new test results (its been about 15 months since I stopped Propecia)

FSH: 5.1 (range 1.5-12.4)
LH: 6.3 (range 1.7-8.6)

SHBG: 17
Range 7-49nmol/L

603 one day and *818 a few days later.
(No range given)

So my Doc said my levels are fine. Didnt have much more to say. He said my 818 was abnormally high. I had just started taking Yohimbe a day or 2 before that test. Could that effect my testosterone level?? Why are the numbers so different?

Anyway, I still dont feel like I have much of a sex drive. I can always get it up, have some spontaneous erections. But dosent stay hard very long and avoiding premature ejaculation is difficult.

Cialis was the solution to all my problems but no longer works. I dont know what I should try now and my doctor had no advice. Can anyone help me?

If we knew the answer, this forum wouldn’t exist or it would simply be a step by step recovery guide. your numbers look fine as far as androgens, so some other things to consider are:

  1. it is a case of hypermethylation: see awor’s theory post
  2. Consider testing thyroid via TRH stim test, this is seemingly only available via a test in NYC with dr raphael kellman - contact info in the doctors section
  3. You are free to consider other things like copper poisoning, but these have yet to hold any scientific weight.

Again, we are all in the same boat, and do not know the solution, though we have visited hundreds of doctors collectively. Sorry.

Man look at your figures now compared to when you came off, it looks like getting on clomid early helped you a lot.
If you can get it up and have some spontaneous erections you’re doing a lot better than most, I imagine viagra would work pretty well.

I would say have healty diet and stay away from sugar, drink (liqour etc), softdrink, energy drink basically all kind of drinks. Just wait maybe after 2- 3 years you will be as normal as before. Playing with hormone is not safe.


My update: haven’t been here in a long time.

Its been over 2 years since I stopped propecia. You can read my member story, but I had nearly all reported mental and sexual side effects. You can read about the many different treatments I took to get better.

Today, my mental side effects are (as far as I can say) 100% gone. Previously I thought I would be on disability my whole life, now I am successful, a workhorse and very social. Only possibly side effect is being tired often and maybe low energy. Nothing too serious though.

Sexually I am still having problems. I have low sex drive, ED, premature ejaculation and limited morning/spontaneous erections. I am able to live an almost normal life by relying on ED drugs and limiting interactions with women. I have gotten a tolerance to Cialis and had to increase dosage. Recently I switched to Levitra which helped but I soon got a tolerance. The first time I tried these drugs sex was amazing and lasted a long time. Now I can only get minimal support but it does help.

Anyways, I’ve kind of put my health aside and I am now ready to fix the few problems I have left. I’ve seen a lot of activity on the site and can’t believe all of the media attention that is going on. Not really sure what help I’m looking for but hopefully someone can suggest something to help my current problems. I am currently doing nothing except taking ED medications. I’d like to make some diet changes and take other supplements/meds that may help.

I am also interested in the lawsuit etc and wondering where I can start to get involved. Basically I’m just here to share my update, show that you will get better as I was once living in hell and now very happy with my life, and hoping to get any pointers to help me better my sexual health and get back to 100%.

Thanks and good luck to you all. I will post my latest lab results when I get them back on Wednesday.

thanks for updates.
glad you feel better. how are your balls, did they get firmer and full?
Now it is clear how dangerous these 5AR inhibitors are. people who are selling it, promoting its use for hair loss, really need to be hanged publicly.They have destroyed lives and caused suicides.

I use cialis for a few days then right back off it again. I took it for 2 or 3 weeks around xmas and the effects definately tailed off. I stopped it. Now if i take it 2 days in a row i notice its effects but i stop it again. I think so long as you don’t take it for 4 or 5 days at a time and you spread out your cycles you should be okay.

There’s a new erection enhancer coming out. Its out in some parts of the world already. Starts with v i think. It’s side effect free and its topical. The next big thing. So chin’s up boys! Erection in a few minutes, apparently!!

Avanafil? Looks promising.

My most recent results. Over 2 years since I stopped propecia.

Total Testosterone: 488 (250-1100)
Free T: 101.5 (46-224)
Bioavailable T: 217.6 (110-575)
Sex hormone binding globulin: 18 (7-49)
Albumin Serum: 4.7 (3.6-5.1)
My vitamin d is 23.3 which is considered “insufficient”
t4: 7.0 (4.5-10.9)
t3: 32.4% (22.5-37)
Free t4 index: 2.3 (1-4)
FSH: 4.1 (1.6-18.1)
Prolactin: 6.3 (2.1-17.7)
LH: 3.2 (1.5-9.3)
Cortisol: 18.4 (5-23)
TSH: 2.11 (.35-5.5)
Growth hormone: .09 (.05-1)

You can look back and see my story and past results. I still don’t feel 100% sexually maybe 65%. Any thoughts on my results? My doctor who is supposed to be an expert endo has done very little. Just suggests sex therapy and ED meds. He is starting to try to help more but no plan of action yet. ED meds worked great but i quickly grew tolerant and now they hardly work or only on occasion.

I really want to make some changes. I’ve already used Clomid which may have helped get my levels higher, but not where I think they should be. My doc says my levels are normal but I think they are still all on the low end of the range. Any suggestions or thoughts about my results? I really want to do something about this asap I’m tired of doing nothing. Thanks

My story is somewhat similar to yours I guess. I thought I was at little higher level than most of the hard core sufferers even though I got most of the hard core sides and had a very violent initial crash. People around me could even see the effects physically. I have had many upcycles where I felt like I was tracking toward a recovery only to get stymied by another crash. I seem to crash about once every six weeks usually after drinking alcohol even moderately. The reality is that I’m probably just like every other hardcore long term sufferer on this bored, you can only deny it for so long. Looks like you may be in that phase now yourself. Based on these upcycles I’ve had, I think I can respond to drug treatments. I finally broke down and saw a PFS doc a few months back and he has prescribed Clomid. I haven’t taken it yet.

It looks like you responded to it well initially. Did it help your sexual function at all? My muscle loss has been noticable as well. I work out every day and it really hasn’t done anything for me. My weight is the same as before but the muscle tone is gone. I have got progressively worse overall I think, which I never thought would be the case. My mental abilities have improved a bit, but thats it. I have to get a few more tests done to be eligible for Dr. Irwig’s study and then I plan on starting the Clomid treatment. Have you thought about trying Clomid again?