My story, ED and mental sides - improving somehow?

I’ve been on lexapro for the last month and it has been a life saver as far as my anxiety and panic attacks. My libido and erections have actually gotten better after letting myself adjust to the med. at first I had sides and increased anxiety though. I’m
Not advocating ssris as someone else could have a completely opposite reaction but it was the right move in my case

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Just an update. It’s been 5 weeks post-fin and it’s been up and down.

Anxiety, nausea, insomnia etc were WORST the first two weeks. I cannot describe the feeling, fear of everything (even going to the bathroom). Brainfog was intense and derealization too.

These symptoms have lessened, however the anxiety is still here but not enough for an attack.

Depression has begun to kick in very hard, to the point that it becomes painful. The feeling of hopelessness. I don’t get how it is possible to have a day where I can be social and ‘feel’ myself again, and the next day feeling like a zombie. This feeling is not persistent to the same degree every single day, it comes and goes. However when it comes, it feels like there is no way out of it ever. Quite scary. Also ANY stressor trigger my anxiety and elevated heart beat…

After my first crash, I’ve had it twice that my penis went totally numb and I could not stimulate it at all. Some days passes and it functions just normally again, however low libido.

I am taking the following supplements: GABA, Magnesium, Omega 3 Fish oil, vitamin pills.

Eating lots of Kefir and garlic.

Also having aches in my left testicle which affects the whole left area (abdominal, upper leg, left butt etc.). Did a scan, and everything seemed normal. I do not masturbate at the moment due to the left testicular pain which becomes worse after ejaculation. I have been to numerous doctors and they all believe that I am suffering from an anxiety disorder (duh I have NEVER). I will be getting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), perhaps that will make it a little easier to live with my current condition, I am not sure. Giving it a chance.

The improvements I have seen after just 5 weeks are great, but not sufficient. I hope to see some more improvement after 5 weeks again, but nothing is guaranteed.

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Hey @mario1234, how are you doing?

Hey. I’m all great, no issues anymore luckily. It all cleared up within 6 slow months.


Huge news, really happy for you man, go enjoy life

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Patience was key. Also, this site is not useful other than hearing other stories. It won’t give you any advice on how to get better, because no one knows. Just take your vitamins, and don’t stress your body and mind too much. It will clear up.


I think that’s good advice man, I’m here too much and it keeps me stressed.

But you had mental sides, I hope the same can be said about sexual sides :confused:

I had sexual as well. I just couldn’t focus on them due to the severity of the mental ones.

wait so are your sexual sides recovered 100%?

Do you have Pre-Fin libido & erections back?

Yes. It differs for periods though, I am hornier in some and less in others. But I have no issues getting an erection and ejaculating.

I will say one thing however. I have slight discomfort in my testicles sometimes, but nothing that bothers me. I am 8 months post-fin.

Overall I’m at my pre-fin state.


Wow amazing! Glad you recovered.

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Just an update on testicle pain. It has all cleared as well, and I experience no pain. This was the last side effect that didn’t subside after a long time.


That’s amazing! Congratulations! I’m hoping my numbness is also that stubborn symptom that’ll take your testicle pain timeline to heal.


I am sure it will. How long have you had your numbness for?

It’s been an unfortunate 8 months + a week. It’s one of two symptoms bothering me with the other being weak ejaculation force (which is more of a recent symptom and that’s 3 months).

Nerve healing can take months to years.

Do you think it’s some kind of nerve damage?

Last year I lost sensitivity of my chin and a half of my left cheek(approx. one third of my whole face) due to some complications with one wisdom tooth extraction. It was pretty scary, as I couldn’t feel absolutely anything, no touch, no pressure. But I recovered almost fully in 3 months. And the recovery was pretty stable all the way. With my PAS it feels completely different, very slow progress, lots of severe fluctuations.

According to the science Axo has referenced it seems like AR overexpression can lead to neuron dysfunction, rather than loss/damage.

The conclusion of this study was “These results suggest calcium handling mechanisms in muscle fibers are defective in motor-impaired mice.”

It could be something similar in penis nerves. Rather than nerve damage, the mechanism that’s supposed to send the signal is dysfunctional.

I think this theory has also been proposed as a mechanism in PSSD, as the penile numbing kicks in way to fast for it to be actual nerve damage (<1h).

IIRC they found normal nerve density in PFS patients foreskins.

It sounds very realistic to me.
But I also read that low oxygenation of the penile tissues (like poor blood flow and lack of morning, spontaneous etc errections) for a long time could cause fibrosis. Now I’m afraid it could have happened to me. I hope I’m wrong and it’s still only some dysfunction.