My story after half a year PFS - Supported living and a supervisor

After half a year with this shit I have all the symptoms of the book. Now first friend send me home to have a shower, to brush my teeth, to wear fresh clothes and cleaned the kitchen and the floor from garbage and flies. I’m unable to wash my clothes, to pay my incasso orders, to do anything. More and more bedbound
After half a year pfs I contacted supported living and a supervisor. What a shit. An environmental engineer and smart guy with a stunning fiancee, the best father of the world and well known individualist is a rotten stinky totally helpless brain damaged bum now.

From a legal described drug from a doctor of medicine. A drug, wich is sold per million. And there is no advice to the long lasting side effects?! Only for profit. That no one becomes fear, they fight for every word on the package leaflet.


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