My Recovery and Neuro-Biological Disorder

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So Bacopa is a dht inhibitor or a 5ar inhibitor, is there even a difference? Can you provide the link from where you read this.

How are you holding up? Any good news to report?? Your high histamine symptoms , itchy skin?

I didn’t find it in any official study, just anecdotes that it helps with hair and prostate. Could be just an urban legend.

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Better wait for lazarusry to enlighten us, hope he is improving. Generally i dont understand 80% of this neurological stuff.

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How are you holding up? Any good news to report?? Your high histamine symptoms , itchy skin.
Those problems abated over night. I’ll take another capsule after tea to see if I get a repeat of the wider improvements. Everything improved with the exception of tinnitus and libido and I have every side on the list. I was defeated with everything getting too much. Suicidal ideation 24)7:every day. This has made me realise that this is still repairable.


Great LazarusRy!!! I have high hopes for thisisarealbummer s treatment for neurological symptoms but it seems as if this treatment is targeting the root of pfs since it is fixing skin problems too. Ill try to contain my enthusiasm until a lot of people report long lasting improvement, also im ordering this supplement. I am already drinking around 10 coffee cups a day 2 years now but it hasnt helped much. Ill order this supplement next week and report back to you.

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Nice one hairy.scalp I’ll keep updating on the thread but also feel free to prompt. Coffee!!! Amazed that doesn’t blow you apart. I can’t go near that or tea. Resorted to hot water, over a year now.

It doesnt blow me apart but its like im immune to it. It gives me a bit of energy and calming effect instead of being jittery as i used to.

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Wow that’s great. Saying that I only developed the intolerances 3 years ago

Given that bacopa is a 5arI would a drug like mirtazapine be useful? Seems that from doing some reading it increases gaba and it’s receptors. I’m aware that people have gotten pssd from it though

Also can we link some evidence that bacopa had these anti DHT properties? From doing some googling I’m not getting many results

I didn’t find any evidence that it is a 5ari. Im sorry for the misinformation but im not sure. I was based on somebody elses word and some articles about it being used for baldness and prostate. Didn’t find an official study.

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I’m just confused about how receptors work I guess. I strongly believe at least my mental and sleep related issues are Gaba related. I’ve been taking gaba supplements for over a week now and even though everyone says it doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier, I feel like a brand new person right now. My sleep quality has felt a lot better and my anxiety and racing thoughts are at an all time low. I’m wondering if I have either too little gaba or too little receptors. My Confusion is whether my gaba receptors are under or over expressed. From what I understand if they are over expressed then it silences the gaba signal but if they are under expressed then they just aren’t sensitive enough?

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They seem sensitive since they react at a low dose, dont try anything maybe you will downregulate them as thisisarealbummer did, wait and get advice from someone experienced.

Hi Guys,

Took another capsule last night. Usual difficult sleep pattern, very dark urine this morning, extra bad hooded eye and swollen upper abdomen. Estrogen!!! My multitude of symptoms have not improved today. Another false dawn for me. I’m a lot further down the road than most so don’t let my post put you off. If things change I’ll let you know.

See the components list on Beta Sistosterol a known 5AR inhibitor. Perhaps it is a very small amount and other components might be helping the OP?

Give it some time. This is supposed to only help with the mental sides after all.

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What is hooded eye?

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The eye lid has drooped it’s linked to estrogen problems some women get it when they go through the change. Sometimes it looks closed or as if I’ve been hit in the face

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