My Long PFS Journey

Hi Doomed,

Just browsing through your post I can see that you believe this is predominately a gut issue which would make sense to myself as when I eat junk or gljten it brings on the classic symptoms. My question would be what would be the best way to attack this naturally? Water fast, diet and exercise?

The gut lies in the heart of many common diseases. PFS isn’t an exception. Attacking the gut issue highly depends on symptoms. Are you experiencing:
Stomach aches and pains
BMs Irregularities
Bad stool consistency

Hormones do affect the gut, examples:

E2 & Progesterone control gut motility (transmit time).
Cortisol affects stool consistency (soft vs hard).
Thyroid hormones also affect gut.

So getting hormones tested is key. Diet is critical too. For instance, I noticed eating high fiber diet kills my libido and morning wood completely:

“Dietary fiber consumption was inversely associated with hormone concentrations (estradiol, progesterone, LH, and FSH; P < 0.05)”

Saturated fats and good carbs spikes my libido. Not eating around bedtime was helpful too. Leading a very stressful life is very, very bad for the gut. Then you need to make sure you don’t have gut diseases including IBS, IBD, SIBO, Crohn’s, H. Pylori or Staph Aureus, C. difficile or other infections, Colitis, Leaky gut, etc. Seeing an open-minded GI doctor helps a lot.

Personally, I use gut feeling (pun intended) to gauge/monitor my mood, libido and general health.


I’ve been feeling generally better. Constant morning erections, no brain fog, no fatigue, good sleep, better digestion (but not ideal). My remaining issue is with histamine intolerance (allergy like symptoms) that’s bugging me to this day despite undertaking several measures. I’ve finally decided to give it a shot with Sodium Butyrate after coming across positive feedback from some users on this forum and elsewhere. I’m very much interested in its capability to repair intestinal barrier in addition to lowering inflammatory cytokines (histamine, tryptase, TNF-α and IL-6) in the jejunum mucosa, which should theoretically help with mast cell stabilization. I’ve tried resistant starch but didn’t like the effects so I opted for butyrate in supplement form.

I’ll start with a micro dose and slowly build up from there. Wish me good luck, I desperately need it.


Just throwing it in there candida can cause histamin intolerance. Not saying you have that but might be good to know.

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Thanks for chiming in @Carni. I’ve been on anticandida/antifungal (Fluconazole) in the past. I know how candida overgrowth feels like because antibiotics gave me bad symptoms that took months to resolve. Sodium Butyrate seems to be helping so far but I’m hesitant to pass my verdict at this point.

That being said, it’s in my belief that histamine intolerance is a result of gut dysbiosis. I was on high dose Xifaxan for IBS-C then megadosed on Probiotics with histamine producing strains (L. Reteuri). My theory is that introducing L. Reuteri strains too soon after the antibiotic may have given them opportunity to take over and flourish. My gameplan is to strengthen gut barrier and try to balance things out.

I’ve seen you mention L.Reuteri a few times now, what product did you take at what dosage for how long? Not all Reuteri strains produce histamine.
Sry, I just like to get all the specifics.

You should have a look at my Viome Test Results,

Viome Test Results

See whats there and whats not.
L. Reuteri is there.
This is before I took any product containing this strain or species.
It might be important to note that. I had reasons of interest to look at this strain (6475) based on some of the studies I was reading that I was posting on here, but ultimately I believe it was a mistake as well.

Now look at whats not there,
any species of Bifido Longum.(ive had some conflicting thoughts on this species as well, but it could come down to looking at this on a strain level)
I posted this awhile back,


I need to retest with Viome to compare these previous results, but unfortunately the price just went up.

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Your feedback is highly appreciated @guitarman01. I’ve been on BioGaia L. Reuteri DSM 17938 strain. My reasoning to suspecting it triggering excess histamine is because I never had HIT ever before. I took 1600mg/d Xifaxan for 7 days then started it at 200-400M CFU/Day right after finishing the antibiotic. I had experienced mild itchiness but I brushed it off as seasonal allergy since it was autumn already. I also recall experiencing weird skin tingling/paresthesia/pins sensations across my body that I thought were related to nerves or B-12 deficiency. B-12 came up above lab reference range.

I later introduced L. Reuteri ATCC PTA 66475 strain found in BioGaia Osfortis in high CFUs and WHAM histamine intolerance symptoms hit me hard so I stopped.
" Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri) is a well-studied probiotic bacterium that can colonize a large number of mammals. In humans, L. reuteri is found in different body sites, including the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, skin, and breast milk."

Symptoms lessened over time but remained, unfortunately. I now have what dermatologist diagnosed as eczema on my leg and backside and have been prescribed “Topical Corticosteroid”. I’ve also been researching immune system Th1/Th2 ratio hypothesis as well as inflammatory cytokines. Those with Th2 dominance are more likely to exhibit allergic type reactions. Could it be that a shift in Th1/Th2 occurred due to changes in microbiome? I should also note that I was consuming a lot of beef liver (444% of the DV Vitamin A) at the time and excess RA is also correlated with Th2 dominance.

“Vitamin A deficiency diminishes Th2-mediated Ab responses, and high-level dietary vitamin A or treatment with the vitamin A metabolite retinoic acid (RA) enhances such responses.”

My conclusion to this, there were several precipitating factors leading to histamine intolerance issue. Sodium Butyrate seems to help at the moment but jury’s still out. If indeed it proves useful, then my next step is to give Clostridium Butyricum a shot.

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Your Viome test findings are indeed insightful and may help draw some pivotal conclusions. It is in my understanding that Bifido Longum have been long (pun intended) touted as being histamine degrading species. They’re mostly inlcuded in the mix of various commercial Probiotics. The human derived strain BB536 is said to be among the potent ones at that.

I wish I could find it in isolated form or alongside other histamine degrading strains. Preferably human derived ones. Reason I’m trying to mitigate excess histamine is to normalize MCAS, which hits the adrenals hard and causes myriad of issues, among which are sexual ones. I think Butyrate 's ameliorating symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Stool analysis may prove my level is low but I need to confirm it. COVID-19 has put everything on pause, however.

I just got E. coli nissle 1917 in the mail, which is also said to help allergies. I may give it a try later.

@doomed80 keep up the good work. In my opinion, immune system/infection is the real key here with PFS.

If you’re looking for a really great natural product to use to clean, restore and rebalance, my suggestion is the Restore Kit from VitalPlan: A little pricey, but quality natural ingredients to help accomplish your goals. it takes months…and months…and sometimes months for it to work so hang in there!

Thanks for sharing @Darn . I’ll look into it. I’m in a better place now than yesteryears. Paradoxically, 2020 so far has mostly been my best year in terms of general health and recovery unless of course I catch COVID-19. My heart goes out to all those afflicted :broken_heart:

Focusing on managing inflammation (Viz: gut, circulation, tissues, etc.) was the biggest factor of 'em all. It’s widely accepted that immune system disorders trigger inflammation and wreak havoc on other systems including endocrine and gastrointestinal/digestion. Sexually, I’m at the nearest point to a full recovery. It’s a long dark tunnel but I can see the distant light already.


I dont think this strain produces much histamine if any, this information was given to me from a Biogaia rep. Strain 6475 most definitely does.
The initial adverse reaction from the first strain could be for other reasons.
As far as the scfa butyrate, this is normally the least abundant scfa (not that this couldnt be an issue) and can be produced from others,

Contribution of acetate to butyrate formation by human faecal

Regarding bb536 im trying to figure out (and also sent an email) to see if this is an eps producing strain.
EPS= Biofilm, which could make it more or less viable.

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I just cant imagine what this feels like, dont have any clue. Personally Im just so so so far away from this kind of situation. But Im so happy for you, you’ve travelled a long way to this point.


Very informative, as always @guitarman01. I’d venture to say that BioGaia L. Reuteri DSM 17938 was not problematic (until L. Reuteri 6475 came along) despite mild reactions. As mentioned earlier, it could have been my immune system was already Th2 dominant and instigating allergic reactions or it could be an intestinal barrier permeability leading to increased endotoxins. I’ve witnessed an increase in eosinophils count after BioGaia probiotics, though.

Excess Vitamin A may also have played a role. Metal implants (Ti screws) may also trigger immune reactions (e.g. atopic eczema) in susceptible individuals, I could be among the unfortunate minority. I might back off with E. Coli Nissle 1917 (Mutaflor) after running into some concerning reports about its potentiality to cause colorectal cancer. Damn I was looking forward to experiment with it!

Butyrate was the only SCFA that I could get hold of and thought I could give it a try. Fun fact, I’ve seen many negative reviews on Amazon (maybe their level is high to begin with?) but it seems to only help in my case. This is a green signal to consider Clostridium Butyricum in the future.

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Sorry my dear @Finfina , you have came a long way and believe me when I say there’s hope for you and for everyone else in here. What did you decide to raising your Testosterone? Your case seems to be straightforward. I’m positive that raising your LH, Testosterone and its metabolites (E2 & DHT) will make a dramatic improvement.

Thanks mate, I’m actually thinking of turning a little to cdnuts direction. So bringing multiple things from cdnuts protocol. For example testoboosters, thinking of taking like 14-21 different boosters and rotate for every day, one herb every day then switch. And also the exercise regimen and other things. But before I get to do that, I have to get the H.Pylori out of my system. I have protocol for that which includes for example Matula Tea, I just ordered that from But I think i just need to get my gut in to better order before starting any testobooster regimen. Does it make any sense =)?

Good strategy. Just make sure to avoid any E2 lowering boosters. Those have crashed me far too many times. H. Pylori is an evil pathogen that triggers gut inflammation and myriad of issues and getting rid of it is a HUGE step in the right direction. Remember, we want to lower gut inflammation to calm down overactive immune system. Working out can only be helpful but DON’T OVERTRAIN. Only 3-4 times a week coupled with enough calories, good sleep, hydration and sufficient electrolytes to support your adrenals. ~200mg Tyrosine taken with exercise helps me with stress.


This is my 11th day on Sodium Butyrate. I ingested 600-1200mg/d for a week but begun to experience dry skin, hair and lips, weird stomach symptoms and strange after taste. I did some more reading on the stuff and it seems the body can get saturated after continued intake, this can be counterproductive. I’m now only gagging some 300mg/d and this has cleared the symptoms. I’ll remain on this low dose until I ran out. On a positive note, histamine intolerance symptoms are lessening already, so could this be a sign of reduced instestinal inflammation? I can’t answer that just yet.

Also took the plunge and started E. Coli Nissle 1917 probiotic depsite the risk in a recent study. My histamine intolerance may have been brought on by ingesting high CFUs Lactobacillus strains too soon after high dose antibiotic. Many Lactobacillus strains are histamine producers and may trigger a codition so called D Lactate Acidosis. E. Coli may help balance things out. I’m expecting some sort of herx reaction coming up but I’m buckled up.

Otherwise, I remain symptoms free. Well, I do get random morning blues once in a while but this is improving too. Signing out

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Good news:
My regimen seems to be working despite the occasional hiccups. Mental clarity and short term memory are both great and sexting gives me spontaneous erections (never imagined I’d ever say that :joy:).

I’m still primarily focusing on immune system & inflammation hypothesis. I was reading on google books and this pops up:

Shazam! This is exactly what I’ve been talking about. This could be the missing link between overdrive immune system, HPA axis and libido. I’m more convinced now that mitigating inflammatory cytokines leads to improved stress hormones to sex hormones ratio. Being a longtime bodybuilder has taught me stress hormones (eg. Cortisol) are inversely proportional to T and hence its metabolites DHT & E2. Challenge here is to seek and destroy the “things” that drive up immune system (i.e. induce inflammatory cytokines).

I’d surmise among the “things” are probably physical and mental stressors (never underestimate the power of mind), gut dysbiosis, hidden infections, allergens, or detrimental effects exerted by certain drugs. It’s an individual thing so investigative work is needed.


Getting nocturnal and morning erections regularly with minor exceptions. I decided to take an extended vacation from all supplements. Vitamin C and Probiotics are both exceptions since they’re part of my ongoing anti-inflammation protocol. I’ll focus on a varied diet and introduce more foods and also take a break from working out too. Non-stop workout can be very taxing on CNS.

The biggest news, though, is that both DHEA-s and E2 are finally climbing up according to the latest bloodwork. Testosterone slightly decreased to ~520 ng/dl, which is understandable since E2 went up to 35 ng/ml (always came < 20). E2 is HPTA negative feedback loop signal (i.e increase/decrease LH).

Higher E2 seems to correlate with:

  • Leaner body. People have been commenting on how lean I look compared to previous years. It seems as if midsection fat is melting away.
  • Better sense of well-being
  • Better sleep
  • Warmer hands and feet
  • Less joints pain
  • No night sweats
  • Better digestion

That said, correlation is not causation. I tend to think my body have been deprived of Estrogen for far too long. Still haven’t figured what helped bring up my estrogen to its former level. I’ve been targeting gut inflammation for months so it may be related. The other positive change is penis appears fuller and bigger when flaccid, it had some shrinkage for a long time.

I still need to work on tweaking immune system and other parameters such as high B12. Bloodwork still shows low(ish) WBC and increased Eosinophils. Those titanium screws need to go but with Covid-19 still around, they won’t operate on me.


hey , I have elevated IgE as well!

I also have elevated lympohocytes