my 'half' blood tests


Kreatinine: umol/l 102
Glucose (Diabetes): nmol/l 4.6
Alat (SGPT) (Liverfunction and protein) u/l 25

TSH mU/l 1.0
Free T4 pmol/l 14.7
Prolactine mU/l 440 High after 2 months had a second test, result is 100 points lower to 340 Normal.
Testosteron nmol/l 22
25-OH vitamine D total nmol/l 77

Thats it, everything is in range besides Prolactine that was a bit high so the doctor decided to have a second test because prolactine was very sensitive for stress and the results was 100 points lower so no medication needed.

The doctor didn’t want to test other hormones because she was conviced i was okay and that my testosteron was good, so the hormones between that traject was unnecessary, she did not want unnecessary blood tests that costs money blabla.
This doctor was an assistent looked very amateurish and wasnt helping me out. so i am looking for a new doctor…

I 'm curious what your opinions are on my blood test.

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Total T isn’t telling you much without knowing your free and bioavailable T scores as well. I’d also look at your estrogen levels. On top of all that, I would list your symptoms in detail and also additionally list the ranges of each item tested next to your lab values.


i forgot to include the ranges…

TSH mU/l 1.0 (0.35-4.94)
Free T4 pmol/l 14.7 (9.0-19.0)
Prolactine mU/l first test 440, second test after vacation 340 (55-384) It is still on the high side or is my result save?
Testosteron nmol/l 22 (9-35)
25-OH vitamine D Total nmol/l 77 (50-185)

My sideeffects today are in categories:


  • Talking and thinking at the same time got worse and i stutter sometimes (what i never did) or bad vocabulary and rarely mispronounce words
  • Short term memory worsened
  • clear talk reduced (connection tong muscle and brain???)
  • drowsy troughout the day and concentration decreased
  • slower-understanding


  • testicles and penis shrinked
  • ejaculation: power and quantity reduced
  • Libido: i almost never get horny spontaneous, testicles never get full anymore.
  • Erection: i can get a full hard erection when whatching porn and masturbate, thats not a problem.
    Spontaneous erections or morningwoods almost never happen.

What i noticed was: I workout (weighttraining) 4 days a week and when i had done legday, which are mostly exercises that gives a boost to your Growth Hormone. So that day when i am in bed to go to sleep i always (6 out of 10) have a errection almost constant before i fall in sleep.


  • varying mood, mostly cantankerous (google translate) lets say most of the time i feel tense and uncertain.
  • my sleep got very worse but has improved by time to almost a good sleep. still waking up middel in the night sometimes. my sleep is I think 75% compared to before PFS.
  • Urinating: i need to pee more often and it is less and it drips… Urantion ‘launch’ is more difficult too and less powerfull.
  • i feel absent emotionless… I think I still have a prevailing depression. right after PFS my depression was extreme, after time it got lot improved, depression still plays in the background i guess.
  • Muscles are weak and less power
    As i mentiond i do Weight trainig and after PSF i noticed my body isn’t healing that quick anymore and i loos very quick muscle when i quit training and during training it is very hard to get extra muscle mass.
  • anxiety: i feel anxiety in my body, this feeling is mostly present that makes me feel like a girl in place of a man (alphamale)
    i am more shyer dan ever, i always had a shy caracter but it made me more shyer and i blus more oftern, very annoying too… i can feel that the shy-nes is triggered by my body.
    -Metabolisme is slowed down i think, dont know for sure.
  • my feet is smaller by half to 1 EU size. My length is still the same.
    -quickly irritated.

i hope this is gives a better picture of me


I did a second bloodtest that includes:

Total Testosteron + SHBG
Free Testosteron

The second Endo/internist didn’t want to test my DHT, because it is not accurate or necessary. The doctor also didn’t believe the PFS issue.

I will get the results after 2 weeks. Are these tests enough?

For the Cortisol it was unnecessary he said. I will do the Cortisol test without a docter then.


so my bloodtests after i stopped using fina 4 years ago are:

T4 Free: 14.5 pmol/l (10.0-19.0)
TSH: 1.24 mU/l (0.27-4.20)
LH: 3 U/l (1-12)
FSH: 2 U/l (1-12)
Oestradiol 17b: 89 pmol/l (40-162)
Testosteron Total: 23.8 nmol/l (9.0-37.3)
SHBG: 42 nmol/l (14-71)
Testosteron Free (calculated): 456 pmol/l (100-1290)
Prolactine: 345 mU/l (55-384)
25-OH Vitamin D Total: 77 nmol/l (50-185)

So everything is in the margin. :open_mouth:

Now what to do?


am i the only one with normal bloodlevels?

i noticed that my LH and FSH are very low but still in the margin. is this something to worry about?

can u guys tell me what u all think about my bloodlevels? do i need to test other things?



U didnt do T3 and ft3?

Ur goal should be to optimize LH FSH Prolactin Dopamine and Vit D. Focus aroind that for now, IMO

Ur thyroid is fine , meaning prob ur fine too. But u need to check ft3 to be sure

Try a dopamine agonist like ropinirole amd see what happens


i will test T3, FT3 and RT3 (reverse T3) after a couple of weeks.

Prolactin is high, first test was 440 (max is 384), second test 345. i read on this forum that high prolactin can be a signal that the thyroid is not working properly.

Vitamine D is low-normal. this was tested earlier and after that a started with vit sups.cod liver oil (vit a + D) and Raw multivit. (best quality)

LH and FSH are at 3 and 2, these are low numbers, minimum is 1. what are your opinions on this?

And should i go to a nuroligst to test my nurotransmitters? forexample dopamine.


no need to test dopamine, it won’t tell you anything.- try the dopamine agonist and see how you react. if you think its due to thyroid, you need to test at least FT3 as well. but almost sure ur thyroid is fine. People with PFS have problems with prolactin since dopamine is not there to balance it out, too many mechanisms impact dopamine when you have pfs

take vit D but take K2 as well. you can take k2 from fermented vegetables, which are good in case you also have some GI cokmplaints.

your LH is lowish but your tests respond well. but your free test and maybe total t,could be improved a little if you want. maybe it could relieve some symptoms

i would focus on these things for now. and get more tests namely to the thyroid


thanks for your reply!

i will take vit K2 but what do u mean with GI complaints? :question:


Ei man this was very interesting, are you still there?


I got new blood tests:

Iron: 23.1 umol/l (5.9 - 34.5)
Vit B12: 609 pmol/l (145 - 569) I used vit B complex and stoppend only one week before my bloodtest, i will do another test.
Ferritin: 142.3 ug/l (30.0 - 400.0)
TSH: 0.71 mU/l (0.27 - 4.20) I already tested TSH (it was 1.26), this time is lower, i think its because i dont go to the gym that often anymore.
Cortisol: 253.9 nmol/l (6 - 10H: 171 - 497 nmol/l) (16 - 20H: 75 - 287 nmol/l.
Iodine: 0.50 umol/l (0.32 - 0.63)

I am surprised that cortisol is good and that Vit B12 is high, my own fault of taking supplements but i thought it must be realy low because of the tiredness. Isn’t it that PFS users are suffering low b12 and high cortisol?

What do guys think about this results? and especially the TSH that dropped a little lower. It looks like all my bloodtests are good and i dont have something to work with, what is kinda strange. Only thing is maybe vitamine D and free testosteron to get it higher and lower the prolactin…