My acne ordeal and isotretinoin consequences

Well, some update over my current state.
My hairloss is definitely decreased, slightly above normal rate, I guess. And my hair look thicker again. Just a month ago it looked kinda weak and not so healthy, now it’s better. Probably, thanks to aminexill which I’m still using.
I still develop acne in a wave-like manner. Weirdly enough, the most problematic skin region now used to be the least problematic before Roaccutane. At least I’m glad my back is almost clear. The skin is still dry though, that makes it look older. But it’s not that bad.
My emotional state is still stable, and surprisingly positive, but also somewhat flat. At least, I’ve beaten my insomnia.
Looks like the mental side of my sexual sides is also coming back to normal. My attraction to the opposite sex is on again. I feel pretty much the same excitement as I used to in presence of some girls. (interestingly enough I still have very low reaction to explicit sexual imagery, so I’m not really afraid of porn addiction). But despite all that my libido is still very low, close to non-existent. And although morning and nocturnal erections are happening regularly again, I noticed some obvious worsening. It’s much weaker now, and I feel very numb.
Quite interesting what could cause that worsening considering all that recovery progress. Also it’s pretty much obvious to me now that my sexual sides has nothing to do with depressive symptoms and emotional state.

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If there is anything which is going better then i guess that’s good news man, good for you.

Like you said almost everything is same for both of us. I no longer have depression or negative thougths anymore but that didn’t make me dive into positive emotions either. I mean that didn’t increase my libido. But it’s nice to feel numb or more stable than being in a depressive mood.

I have a massive increase of blood flow into the glans. That’s quite new for me. I didn’t know what caused this but it’s quite inspiring for me. I do not use any supplements but in last two weeks i have been using antibiotics for my gingivitis.I can easily say my erection problem has almost solved but i still have almost zero libido… I believe some physical issue on my genitals has solved and getting better but right now i have masturbating addiction. I do that every day but surprisingly the volume is quite good. If i manage to not do it for 2 days volume and ejaculation strength gets better too but as i said it’s too hard for me to not doing it. Not just for pleasure but for observing some development. And i believe that perspective changes the meaning of “masturbation” or “sexuality” in my mind somehow. So i decided to no fap for one week and see if i would get a libido boost. If i manage to do that i will be quite relieved.

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In addition, i observed some shape changing on my genitals…

Blood flow in penis is really good in mornings and that’s keep going like that until night. But on midnight blood flow in my genitals decreases and it shrinks. Same goes for balls. During the day i observed shape of my penis changes from normal to some kind of hourglass shape or a state that larger than flaccid. I don’t know what effects that. Only logical explanation from me to that situation is, majority of blood goes to digestive organs at night. But if it’s not like that we may think testosterone levels decrease at nights. But we have already seen so many people who gets zero benefits from testosterone replacement therapies. So how can erection quality change that much due to time?

Well, for me now sexuality is smth detached from my body. Despite all the interest and excitement in me, my body reacts extremely weak.

In fact, I do see some difference in the morning hours like you. That’s probably connected to some hormonal change in accordance with our biological clock.
And also I noticed smth that could be a sign of some tissue changes in the shaft. Like loss of flexibility of the skin or smth like that. That’s really disturbing for me until I have a screening.

Yep I have the same. Pretty sure it’s not only the skin, but the entire penis that lost flexibility.

Agreed, it feels like more hard but not strong. It has lost it’s flexibility like you guys said. I suspect some fibrosis on that area.

To be honest regaining my full libido is more important. I don’t care anymore if i feel my shaft region or not. Because libido is the very thing which gives us a lively feeling; not just sexuality but a joy of life, a goal to achieve and a strength to move on.

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Yes, i feel like my biological clock has changed a lot. I no longer get sleepy at nights but on evenings i feel like i got wasted, in the mornings sometimes i feel completely ok but sometimes too nervous.

My antibiotics are going to finish tomorrow evening, i will observe and see if i still have these developments especially on erection quality. I will let you guys know the changes.

Have you tried to set up restore circadian cycle? I would highly recommend a protocol by Dr Huberman from Hubermanlab podcast. It helped me a lot with my sleeping problems.

True, I didn’t even realize how important that part of me really was until I lost it. Also, I couldn’t even imagine it would be taken from me that easily.

I’ve heard that from quite a few people already. Have you had any screening to check the condition? At least, ultrasound maybe?

I have first appointment booked at the Urologist at 16 December, so not yet.

Please, share if you find out anything. I’ll be able to see a doctor a week later than you.

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Just for sharing new observation: I have used an antibiotic named Flagyl 500mg twice a day for two weeks.I used that drug for cure my gingivitis. Thanks to this drug my girth size and general blood flow has increased. My penis has regained pre-accutane size. My morning woods has increased during this trial too. Today i took the last pill. I will observe if these miraculous effects will stay with me permanently or not. As far as i understood this drug fights with infections and no effect on vascular system and it doesn’t have same working system like viagra. So that made me think that i got a pelvicular infection or prostatitis. On the other hand maybe the drug has healed some other infections in areas which i don’t know where. So maybe that means there is always a systemic infection maybe on nerves or in brain but our immune system can’t get rid of it. I will make more research and share with you.

Antibiotics have many more effects than killing bacteria.

I suggest you read this article.

Flagyl is MAO inhibitor etc. I’d bet it’s not the antibiotic effect that most people feel when they get better from antibiotics.

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I think you’re right. I’m pretty sure the possible effect from antibiotics has nothing to do with the direct antibacterial action of the drug.

@CollateralDamage, what made you think you had prostatitis aside from the antibiotic effect? Did you have any other symptoms?

Yes, before two months i got hard times while urinating and sometimes felt pain. But that didn’t last more than two weeks. You may be right guys i just made an assumption about infections, but however this drug helped me more than lifta or another kind of erection drug.

Even if it’s not about “killing bacteria” that made me better for sure, then should we think about MAO inhibitors? I almost zero knowledge about these subjects. Is that mean root of the issue is the receptors in brain?

Have you seen an urologist? I don’t experience any typical prostatitis symptoms, only weird fluctuating sexual sides.

Yes i have several times but not for these problems. I got a pain in testicles after crash, they made some tests but nothing found. Since these problems have gone i haven’t visited an urologist again. It’s good for you that you never had these kind of problems.

Btw have you been tested for any penile tissue changes?
I definitely will do some screening in the near future. I suspect smth could already be wrong with me. And we share very similar experience. I experienced some pain in testicles too and the only thing I found out from the tests was my balls appeared to be surprisingly symmetrical(and should be healthy). :slightly_smiling_face: