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Hi, new here. Quick question for you about the community.

Are all the stories and experiences from 3+ months onwards?

Meaning, some people are hit with severe sides once quitting finasteride and then recover?

I’m 15 days off and in a very dark place, but wasn’t sure if I needed to wait about 2.5 months.

yes,some do recover

Sorry, but do you mean people who have developed severe symptoms like those discussed on these threads have recovered in 1-3 months after a crash?

I’m two weeks off fin, 5 days into a crash but feeling awful. I just assumed my severity means I’m in for the long haul but you’re saying that’s not always the case?

yep,I do recover mostly except for some remaining muscle twitches,I think it is possible

I was discussing this forum and its volume with @LondonUK and mentioned the Reddit forum to him. Posting this in case he wants to increase his research sources.

The website for Reddit is on post 8 of this topic. Jim

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