Minocycline (antibiotic) boosts 5AR/DHT (in gingival fibroblasts)

Feedmemore- any updates?

How many people have tried tetracycline antibiotics after their crash?

The fact that they increase 5 ar is interesting. If the 5ar enzyme was damaged in the brain, maybe this could help?

There is no concrete evidence that 5ar2 is in the brain, Very conflicting information at best. Also dgreene there is no way a straight up 5ar2 deficiency is causing this.

I took tetracycline for acne from 2001 to 2008 and stopped after I finished undergrad… thats when things started going bad…

This drug is not safe. Minocycline boosting 5AR receptors can be just as dangerous as fin inhibiting them. I think it could blow out those receptors in the same sense DHT does two weeks after it returns when you quit fin. These receptors are really sensitive, manipulating them in any way can damage you permanently. Maybe one day if a cure is found the cure drug would contain a mixture amount of both 5AR boosters and inhibitors but for now you’re rolling the dice playing with them. If you destroy your receptors by inhibiting them with fin or blowing them out with minocylcine and they grow back fully functional then yes you could heal by taking minocycline or fin again for that matter, but it’s just as risky as taking fin in the first place.

Antibiotics in general themselves aren’t all that safe anyways, a web search of Amoxicillin side effects for example gives results of children not being able to sleep.