Methylation: What is it?

I’ve read a couple of posters on here saying it may be hypomethylation instead of hypermethylation. I read most of what I read on here with a grain of salt. But would also like to know if there’s any validity to this point. I also noticed you mentioned a couple of other regulatory mechanisms. Is there a reason why methylation is the one we’re focusing on over others. Sorry just trying to catch up.

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Isn’t it more likely for a function to be silenced due to the necessary gene being methylated rather than a gene that prevents the function being hypomethylated (this is how it seems intuitively but it could be wrong). Also the fact that many people have crashed by taking methyl donors gives us evidence to believe that methylation is the problem.

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In biological systems, it happens that an inhibitor is synthesized from gene 1 to silence/repress the expression of gene 2.

This hypothesis is possible, as well.

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So, this process has nothing to do with methylation?

Not sure hence my confusion. Methylation treatments have also made things worse for some people though I guess.

A study (Melcangi’s I think) has shown methylation of AR promoter in some tissues. But still it’s not sure yet if this is the cause or the consequence. What I am telling you here is very inaccurate. Just a general idea.

To add to this topic, here’s an article that states
exercise induces a profound alteration in epigenetics and exercise and other lifestyle factors extensively induce epigenetic modifications, including DNA/RNA methylation, histone post-translational modifications, and non-coding RNAs in multiple tissues, which may contribute to their positive effects in human health and diseases.

While the article focuses on cardiac health, it does mention and increase in methylation of other tissues, which I don’t know is good or bad for our condition, but from my experience, it does help with the emotional side of our condition.


There are studies showing high Folate,RBC (not serum) is indicative of hypermethylation.

3 weeks after my last accutane dose.
1 week after my first crash.

My blood test result indicated excessively low folate.
Literally the only thing that came up along with high protein in blood and slightly elevated prolactin.

Nothing else was abnormal.

What could this mean

@Devon you need to test RBC, not serum.