Methyl steroids as a treatment for sexual symptoms


No, it was a 5 day treatment in Feb 2017. I went to hospital every morning for 90minutes and watched TV while 1 liter of methyl steroids were pumped into my bloodstream.

My libido has been 100% normal since approximately Jan 2017. I resubscribed to (haha) even though I believed I was permanently impotent. So it was kinda torturous being mentally stimulated only. I did not attempt to masturbate because I felt “dead downstairs,”

Pill vs. injection? Beyond my understanding…Your doctor will likely say methyl steroids will not help sexual dysfunction, so print out my story for him/her and ask for my real email address and my doctors’ names, to prove my story is legitimate.


Your libido was back before the treatment, why do you think the treatment had an affect on your libido?

I know you said “probably” but has anything correlated? I currently don’t have any other symptoms besides lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. The brain fog and fatigue has cleared up on its own but I need my little dude. I miss my female companionship.

  • Libido came back before the methyl steroids treatment. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exact time period and my email, computer files, and Playboy subscription/credit card records are not helpful for various reasons. So I’m not claiming MS helped with recovery of libido. But like I said, I had zero sexual thoughts for many months and they came back like PFS never happened. So there is some hope others might naturally recover like me!

  • In Feb 2015, I personally met Dr. Michael Irwig in Wash DC, who unprofessionally told me sexual functioning would never recover; it was like “a professional roofer falling off a roof.” (That is, the roofer would never work again.) Now he’s changed his tune, telling me via email that “medical recoveries vary.” Contact him:

He also asked about MS:
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From: Propecia Study
Date: Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: I recovered potency after 2.5 years of PFS

Thank you for the follow-up information which is very interesting.

Please tell me more about the steroid treatment. Specifically,
– Can you find out the name and dosage that you received?
– How long after the treatment did you notice a benefit?

Take care,

Dr. Irwig


Just to repeat I did not discover that the little man was working fine until June 2017, 6+ months after libido had returned but during that interim I didn’t get a single sexual erection and never attempted to masturbate because I felt totally “dead downstairs.”

I really don’t enjoy telling this but in June 2017 I was watching an erotic video “for the hell of it” and had a spontaneous orgasm/ejaculation without getting erect! What the hell! The next day I discovered “the little man” was working perfectly (could get rock hard within seconds and you know…)

So periodically do watch an erotic video and try to masturbate. Who knows what might happen…


On a lighter note:


First post, just to add an anecdotal data point for what it’s worth: I forcibly quit finasteride cold turkey after a year of taking it due to an unrelated acute incident (painful slipped disc in spine). I was immediately on 5 days of methylprednisolone pills as well as muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprine and decided to stop finasteride during this period.

I had pretty much a full recovery from finasteride side effects within 8 days–faded brain orgasm came back completely for the first time in a year. The rest of my mental state was restored within the one to three months.

There are too many factors to figure out why this recovery happened, but I have wondered about those two drugs I was taking right at the time, the methlyprednisolone and cyclobenzaprine, and whether there was some sort of protective effect.

So, that’s a data point, but I’d like to hear anyone else’s experience along those lines.

(For reasons that are a long story to go into I went back on finasteride three months later for another year before eventually quitting and developing PFS (partly I assumed the published literature at the time was correct and I could go on and off of finasteride and leave the side effects behind each time–that I was in the “98%” or whatever that could supposedly do this)).


Thanks and your case is kooky as mine. Went off fin for 6 months in 2001 with no problems then restarted. Quit in Dec 2014 and PFS hell descended on me.


So you haven’t used methyl since developing Pfs?


For me, no I have not used methyl steroids since developing PFS (anonymous1968 has, rather drastically). It hadn’t been a possibility at the front of my mind, but I stumbled onto this thread and realized I had a connection in my history.

I’m still not sure about it. I just wanted to add a data point to the discussion. It’s something I’ll look into. There are so many possible areas to pursue that they all feel like shots in the dark. I’ve spent these first two years of PFS biding my time, mostly hoping for natural improvement. At some point I may take matters into my hands and really experiment with all kinds of drugs; I haven’t made that personal decision yet.

I often wonder about my first recovery and what it was that made it possible. In the end my current PFS could simply be a result of the total number of days I exposed myself to finasteride. For example, the study from the Research section of this site that suggests that exposure over 208 days may dramatically increase chances of problems.


Wow, I didn’t know pasting the link was going to post the whole article. Anyway, I don’t mean to make the article the main point of my reply. It’s just an aside.

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No, it was a 5 day treatment in Feb 2017. I went to hospital every morning for 90minutes and watched TV while 1 liter of methyl steroids were pumped into my bloodstream.

Do you remember what concentration in mg of methyloprednisolone was in 1 liter drip? Was it Solu-Medrol or something else?


No sorry don’t know details


I remember. He got 1g every day infused for totally 5 days. Each Infusion took about 1.5 hrs.
1 g is huge. Mayo thought to be able to treat bis ataxia. With no effect in that.
I wonder why the JPEG is not loading.:):zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve been dosing tiny amount of methylprednisolone for one week. At this moment I don’t see any effects.


Tiny dose might not help. He got infused! (more absorbtion) huge dose!
I suggest going on a low dose dexa for one week and withdraw by taking every second day for two weeks.


Yep, I wouldn’t do it w/o medical supervision. Sexual plumbing has worked perfectly for over a year. But who knows whether methyl steroids helped. I didn’t even test the plumbing for several months after treatment. I felt no difference whatsoever “in my head.”


Just boosting this old thread in case you missed it:



It gives me hope to read that you’ve fully recovered in those areas you mentioned, especially the pain and physical impotence. Glad to hear all of that. With that said, could you expand on the methyl steroid treatment the Mayo Clinic gave you? Why did they recommend it, what did it do for you, and do you think all of us should be treated with it?


My doctor’s note disappeared!

Here it is:

Protocol Steroid and glucocorticoid

Probably your posts are the most valuable of propeciahelp. Surely methyl roids reversed the insensitivity of the androgenic receptors and producing 5 alfa reductase.


Thx, just trying to be helpful