Maria's story! As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there's not much left

The research is being conducted by Awor’s contacts; and, I am quite sure that there aren’t Accutane or Saw Palmetto sufferers contaminating the crucial findings.

  1. you didn’t address my point about what can be provided by this poster being allowed on the forum that cannot be gained by cross-forum research and

  2. this forum is in itself research, look at the dearth of studies and personal experience from FINASTERIDE USE collected here. Non finasteride users posting here make it that much harder to find finasteride related information on this site.

Furthermore, accutane and saw palmetto users shouldn’t be here. We can certainly note commonalities in symptoms and mechanisms for research purposes, information which has already been gained btw, but this is a forum for MEN WHO HAVE PERSISTENT SIDE EFFECTS FROM FINASTERIDE DESPITE QUITTING THE DRUG, not a forum for women who have sides from accutane. The mechanisms might be different despite personal beliefs and combining the different populations makes it difficult, especially for new members, to differentiate between fin and accutane/sp.

I think you highly overstate your point; but, of course, I do agree with it in principle, if we are being rigorous. At this point we are all trying to get resolution of symptoms – and the symptoms of Finasteride/Isotretinoin/Saw Palmetto use are effectively identical. And, as I said initially, I have been on all 3 enzyme inhibitors; and, I cannot tell them apart when they are in my system (Isotretinoin is much more drying). This notion of pollution and obscuring the relevant facts for potential new members of Propeciahelp, by 10 people (Isotretinoin and Saw Palmetto combined) who did not strictly take Finasteride is fanciful. I am not making this point because I fear for my membership status. Mew, please cancel my account. If Mew does not cancel my account, I will refrain from posting. That which should be capped on this site is the proclivity of certain members who make senseless assertions for rhetorical effect.

Hey man, I think if you took a 5AR2 inhibitor and have sexual side effects, it’s pretty clear to me that you would make some great contributions to this forum.

It’s clear that there are a lot of similarities between a lot of different drugs with similar affects, showing me the cause may not be as “unique” to finasteride as some play it off as. Either way, when someone shows proof + backup of what exactly is going on that is finasteride specific, than it would be a different story. But until then, I think it’s important to see how and why other drugs, even herbs like SP would have have similar side effects because it seems the causes are very similar…

How does it logically follow that by simpy taking a 5ar2 inhibitor and developing sexual side effects one would make “great contributions” to this forum?

Notworthit you are absolutely spot on. No surprise to see the usual suspects being awkward.

They are as lost as us. Often they are going in the same roundabouts that we are in regards to treatment. What would be great is a single forum that can easily be found for people dealing with severe sexual and cognitive issues after using medications such as 5 AR inhibitors, anti depressants and accutane.[/quote

Of course they are as lost as us. We all realize that and have empathy for them, but you’re missing the point. Just because a few of their symptoms are similar to ours does not mean the same mechanism in our bodies is causing it. If this website becomes filled with users of all different types of medicines, How can any researchers actually rely on it. Not to mention, how can any of us actually get much out of it.

For those of us that have been suffering for years you know how complicated PFS is. There are a ton facets to it and to convolute things by bringing in people suffering from other medicines and bring in woman is going to make it one big worthless mess of a website. Anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of medical research would now that you have to research each condition separately and then collaborate. Come on, this is common sense.

Then there is even the legal aspect of it. I’m sure Merck is tickled with delight that other non PFS sufferers are allowed to join this sight. It completely skews the number of members the forum has, not to mention the information itself. In the end, the moderators will be making this decision and I doubt they are going to let this message board become a free for all.

Obviously if the forum suddenly gets crowded then the MODS can put an end to it immediately but as it stands we have a few saw palmetto sufferers and a couple of accutane sufferers with one of them being female. As we speak there are only 3 registered users online anyway.

I suppose that if you view this forum as a means of gaining credibility from outside sources i.e researchers and doctors and as a driving mechanism to get at Merck then yes, we shouldn’t have anyone but finasteride victims on this forum full stop. However, i personally value reading people’s experiences and being exposed to potential treatments more than all of that because 1. i can’t sue anybody, i took generic finasteride at my own accord and 2. the thought of waiting for science to solve this problem has barely crossed my mind, i just don’t think it will ever happen.

So i guess it all comes down to personal interests, i have no idea whether this forum is attracting attention from the right people. If it is then i agree that user memberships should be restricted to finasteride victims only. Catch my drift?

To anyone saying there are only a few non finateride posters here check out the post count. One use alone who never took finasteride has made over 1000 posts. This influence is not as small as some would suggest.

Again, back to the original point. What harm is it to check out maria’s story on an accutane site rather than a site only for men who took finasteride? Most of you cross research forums anyway.

I have contacted the member privately about her situation. As it stands, this forum is only accepting membership from Finasteride/Dutasteride users.


Thanks for the post.

I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties.

I’ve no doubt that the underlying issues you have are similar to ours but the human body is a mind field.

If you make any significant improvement i personally would be interested to hear what helped.

Good luck.

Yes, absolutely, although I may not be able to post here in the future, if I make significant improvement I will try to let this forum know. If I recover 100% I will do whatever it takes to have an article published about it on the front page of The New York Times.

I still have a list of stuff that I will try.

An amazing website for natural/folk remedies is

Has anyone tried iodine for vision? My vision is horrid. I was going to reach to Maria but looks like she was banned.

She wasn’t well-received here back in the day because she never took finasteride

I think now we all strongly suspect that there are many different ways to put yourself in this condition besides taking finasteride. People with PSSD PAS PFS, etc probably all have the same epigenetic changes.


I hope she is okay.

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Hi, Maria! I just read your member storie on propeciahelp. How are you feeling today? better?

She is banned

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@Dubya_B - does it make sense to “un-ban” Maria since we have expanded our definition of PFS and she’s taken accutane? Maybe she will come back and update


@Maria has been unbanned since the reason for her suspension is no longer valid under the new community guidelines.

It would be good to hear from her again if she gets the message.