Lions Mane Improves Brain Fog / Cognitive Issues

got lion mane pills in… taken two…

Good luck with your protocol, let us know how you get on.

Harvard Unveils MRI Study Proving Meditation Literally Rebuilds The Brain’s Gray Matter In 8 Weeks … n-8-weeks/

For those wanting to get into transcendental meditation this is the cheapest and easiest way.

The planet’s 2nd smartest human reveals “50 mind drugs and supplements” he takes every day … -every-day

He listed Avodart. Good luck with that.

well the lions mane hasn’t given any noticeable benefits yet… but no bad sides either.

Here’s a few things I use that have really helped with brain fog, tiredness and mental focus. They really do work but are allegedly mild DHT inhibitors. Personally, I don’t feel worse since using these products, I’ve had no crashes during their month of use. It maybe worth having your DHT measured before and after use to see if they affect you in that way but one things for sure these supplements make a difference. The effect physically on cognitive function and general well being is much better than Lions Mane. I would like to use these daily but because of the DHT element, I take them several times per week instead. I was using 3000mg of Flax Seed Oil capsules spread out over the day for months, this helped with cognitive function, tiredness but the MCT oil is even better and works very quickly.

PVL Essentials 100 Percent Pure MCT Oil 1 Litre (use 1/2 teaspoons per drink, I’ve tried using a 1 tablespoon like recommended but it’s too strong a hit, I find it a much smoother experience using teaspoon measurements)

Check out Bulletproof’s range of brain oils, I don’t drink their coffee obviously

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (spread this on toast with almond butter or put in a hot drink) - I was using this oil for about 6 mths during the early days of PFS before I knew I had the condition
Lucy Bee EVCO is delicious and best tasting oil on toast, RealFoodSource EVCO is a cheaper, effective alternative

Mix with

Teeccino, Mediterranean Herbal Coffee (Caffeine Free)

Madre Labs, CocoCardio (I only use half the recommended serving as this is plenty, it should last 2-3 mths)

I include stevia, honey, maple syrup, organic sugar, or kerrygold butter (grass fed) to sweeten. The use of butter is a recommendation from Bulletproof and it has to be grass fed butter, hence they use kerrygold.

For sleep which I link in with cognitive function one thing I’ve experimented with lately with some success is the yantra mat otherwise known as an acupressure mat. The concept is based on the bed of nails which you may have seen meditation gurus using. It takes about a week to get used to the mat, I started with short sessions of 10 mins at bedtime. I find it’s helped with backpain and relaxation. I tend to sleep better if I’ve used the mat before bedtime. Basically, once I’m done I just throw the mat out of bed or put it underneath the bed and then I’m ready for sleep. I tend to have deeper sleeps and maybe sleep an hour or two longer than I usually do. I typically sleep 4 hours a night so sleep is a big challenge for me. I also have spells of insomnia so I’m hoping the mat will help me break these cycles when they occur. With the mat I’m sleeping around 5 maybe 6 hours at night and I’m not waking up around 2AM, although it’s still not enough for me personally. Maybe over a period of months the mat will help my overall sleep cycles, the goal is to sleep around 8 hours and be able to achieve a deep sleep over that period. If I sleep lightly for 4 hours which is ofter been the case with my PFS then my eyes tend to sting upon waking and throughout the day, are bloodshot and I feel heavy and run down. Apparently, the mat helps release endorphins and offers some of the benefits of acupressure, there’s a science aspect behind it’s development. It’s best to use the mat against bare skin, they are all basically about the size of your back. So, the mat will start at the base of your spine and reach the top of your shoulders. I have the brand name Yantra Mat which is one of the more expensive mats, I chose this because it achieves around the highest number of acupressure points, can be washed if needs be and comes in my preferred colour black. You can also use the mat with a chair or sat relaxing in a reclining position so it doesn’t just have to be used at bedtime.

I started drinking coconut water in the morning. This seems to help. I only drink 2 cups of it, because anything over that can have a negative impact on your kidneys and overall health. I think 2 cups in the morning wakes me up like tea.

what’s the verdict on this? also, andy I noticed you said you had been using progesterone, your experience?

Prog made me worse not better, my Endo said it could shut me down and cause certain symptoms of PFS, the only guys I know who take it everyday are on TRT and they use it to control estrogen.


I Know it’s old topic but maybe someone will check read this.

I try lion’s mane and it’s helps me a lot with my brain fog. Like really. But I have problem with my hair and this is strange because every one write about inhibition DHT. It’s seems to works in the other side with me. My hair is getting very, very thin and after 1 week I have bald places on my head. Also my libido seems to grow up. Like I’m horny almost all the time. When I stop taking this mashroom, everything back to normal, hair and libido. So I know that Lions.

I really want to continue taking this mushroom beacuse it’s help me a lot. Normally my brain fog is so big that I can’t even speak with others. I even think that I have Lyme or SM but my diagnosis is good.

Is there someone who can help? I don’t know, maybe is there some supplement who will block this effect?


You probably have oversensitive androgen receptors, therefore paradoxically anything that lowers DHT will cause your androgen receptors to function better. This is why the lions mane mushroom is affecting you in this way

also what brand are you using? I have been considering trying out lions mane mushroom for a while now

Hi, maybe this is the case.

Im from Poland so I order from polish eshop:

I ordered minced one.

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You can also grow your own Lions Mane at home if you want a fresh product. Although mycology apparently takes a bit of work to get it right. :+1:

Lions mane is a 5 ar blocker don’t take.

Ya, lion’s mane became a fad supplement among nootropics, now it’s clear that it is a horrible idea to use this. I don’t think i need to link all the youtube videos and lionsmane recovery reddit groups to show the damage this mushroom has done to A LOT of people