ketamine possible cure for anhedonia

Do you mean this one?

Nope, check this topic for more information: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

If you filled out this survey, that would be really helpful and one step closer to fixing this problem.

Curious if you’re still taking Ketamine boosters. I took Ketamine in the past, and found it helped my mood a lot. I simply couldn’t afford the $350 per dose after 7 treatments and stopped. I’ve been on Wellbutrin the last year or so, and will consider Ketamine again, once I can get off the Wellbutrin.

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Taking oxycodone/percocet has helped me for few days. It’s an opiate, similar to ketamine (just weaker).

can you get ketamine prescribed from a pharmacy?

Ketamine is not considered an opiate. It mainly acts on the NMDA receptors, which is very different from things like oxycodone.