Ketamine IV treatment

Has anyone here tried any ketamine IV infusions for the emotional sides? Everything I’m reading on it has been positive, but i’m not sure of the impact it has on us PFS’ers…

i tried DXM because of the NMDA theory of PSSD but effects are transient

Thanks for the feedback. Curious what made it a cool experience, and did you Have one IV or several? I understand the initial treatment is a few, followed by monthly maintenance IVs.

It was my first time taking a dissociative drug, and it was in a safe environment (doctor’s office) in a comfortable bed. I was listening to some good music and just felt my mind and body melt into the furniture. I had a great time!

I just had one. Since it didn’t do anything at all for me, I didn’t see a reason to do it again. The stories I heard of people who had success with K for depression say they felt an effect right away.

Last week, I started Ketamine IV, and just completed my third of six treatments. I felt a little of the severe depression of PFS and gloom and doom lift. First two doses, two days apart were 40ml and the third was 50.

I feel emotionally better at least 25%, with 3 treatments of increasing dosage to go. The concerns are the lasting effects. “Normal” users can experience many months of relief before a booster. I suspect PFS victims will need boosters more frequently before it becomes ineffective, but I needed something to help as this condition was costing me my job, which I may still loose, but don’t feel as debilitated as before. It’s a costly treatment, at $450 a dose, helping “only” the depression. I can only pray it helps long term.


So, 3 weeks later, the panic attacks I felt are still gone, depression is better, but not as better as before, and while motivation is better, it too subsided a bit since the treatments ended.

I don’t know if a tolerance builds from ketamine, so I’m going to hold of from a “booster” as long as I can.

How are you now bud?

Better to have 12 ket shots a year than 365 SSRI poison pills a year


Absolutely true and I fully agree. Even in seemingly healthy people, SSRIs don’t always work, and have their own side effects.

With that said, after over a decade of PFS, options are narrowing, but I’m keeping away from SSRIs and TRT.

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Anyone else on ketamine? Please share.

What’s the advantage with the infusions? I just purchased some pure ketamine, and will be trying low doses of it intranasally along with my current low dose of SSRI.

I mean I haven’t done research on buying pure ketamine but I’m assuming there’s a quality difference in being able to correctly deliver it

I’ve been told it’s a really challenging process, and you’ll go through ups and downs

You might want to send it back and go to a clinic with good reviews

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I wonder if Ketamine could be a good alternative to Sage 217 ?

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My experience with Ketamine is where a doctor placed it in an IV and it was delivered over a period of 30-45 minutes. I did feel dizzy and was almost hallucinating at times. I would seriously avoid injecting it directly. Even in a hospital setting, I believe it’s administered through IV. And, in later treatments, where they increased the dosage, I felt really really really out of it. No way should you self administer this directly. Also, the dosage was a tiny portion of the bottle it was in.

Please don’t inject it directly.

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GUYS THIS IS SERIOUS you shouldn’t self administer KETAMINE !!! it is extremely dangerous that’s how some celebrities died in their homes!. @axolotl @awor someone please put a warning on this substance!

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Drugs are bad mmkay?. I just snorted a little bit. Kinda nice, a little dizzy and spaced out it at first, then the feeling smoothes out. Feeling peaceful and relaxed now. Will probably just use it as needed when I get dark thoughts…Not going to spend stupid amounts of money so a doctor can put me in a k hole.


Glad it help you glad :blush:

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I am not saying good or bad, what i am saying is you can easily overdose with ketamine iv you should not be alone and self administer. It is a depression ass kicker very powerful it will enhance synaptic connections almost immediately. But also risks are high thats why i beg you to be careful.

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