Kan's story - One of the most severe stories of PFS

What were some of the drugs which caused you to crash? I read where you also experienced crashes after ejaculating, or having an orgasm. Does this still occur? I have noticed that after I have sex, I am significantly more disoriented and have worse brain fog. I am just really hoping, at the very least, my sleep and muscle wastage improve. As of now, do you still have any cognitive issues? Any visual/perceptual issues or any haziness? Are you able to get deep rest?

Thank you for the responses.

Orgasm makes things worse, but I wouldn’t call that a crash, because it is temporary.

I have only crashed after taking drugs (for me the crash usually happens in the first orgasm after taking the drug, but I don’t attribute the crash to the orgasm but to the drug)

The drugs that have made me crash are all quoted in my story (antidepressants, progesterone, etc.).

I am having some cognitive problems but you need to bear in mind that I crashed just three months ago. Before that, I had no depression, no anxiety, and I slept well. These are the things that improve the most with time.

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So your main advice at this point is to refrain from taking any type of hormone-altering drug and just wait? What about diet, were you sensitive to any foods, did you try juice feasting, fasting, etc? What has been your experience with exercising, such as lifting weights or running?

My advice would be to be really careful with drugs, exactly. Also, not masturbating too much.

Regarding lifting weights, it has also brought me problems, so I stoped lifting a long time ago. But I am a sever case. Lifting weights raises testosterone, which is something that in bad cases of PFS can be dangerous.

So, even though I understand that you probably are in a situation in which you feel you need to try different things, I would recommend to wait some more months and see if your body and mind get better.

Also,try to socialize and focus on other things. I know it is really difficult, but it is really important.


I’ve lifted weights a long time, and now I am pretty much watching all of my hard work go to shit. I am losing muscle no matter what I do. I eat healthy and stay exercising. I have had essential bloodwork done, but not bioavailable T checked. I mean, is there anything I can do here besides wait? going to the gym has always been an outlet for me, and now this fucking condition has taken even that from me. What kinds of problems did lifting weights have for you? How do I know if I should lay off or not?

What happens when you experience new crashes, is it like a bad and slow fluctation of your symptoms+ new occuring symptoms or is it like a one day instant noticable changes?

Kan do you ever get symptoms were you feel sensitive to noise with a mild headache that makes you feel angry/irritable. This has just happened to me today for the first time.

I don’t have this, but have other strange neurological symptoms. Don’t worry too much about that if it is the first time that happens. With time you will probably improve.

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So you got PFS in 2013 but are still having crashes. How often do they happen? I’m having crashes now after only taking a small single dose of a drug or supplement. It’s virtually impossible to take anything that affects the brain right now. These things did cause brain burn and head pressure but that has improved over the last 6 weeks. It sad that this is still happening to you after all this time.

I got PFS in 2011. I crashed recently, but before that, I stayed some years without crashing.

I’ve had several crashes since 2011. For me it is exactly like you say: I also crash after taking drugs or supplements.

I need things to help me sleep which I can’t take at the moment so I’m awake almost all the time. A future like this is impossible for me, eventually the lack of sleep will make me seriously ill. So can you manage not to take any drugs or supplements going forward? Some guys manage several weeks then think all is well and then they crash. There seems to be different sensitivities with the guys who have neurological issues. I tend to be ok with things that don’t affect the brain directly, are you the same. I seem to have issues with amino acids.

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Hi chaps,

Stated it a few times but I have all of the symptoms including muscle wastage mentioned in this thread, my physique is more like that of a boy now. I’ve tried everything to primarily ease the cognitive sides which are unbearable most of the time. I can live with the physical stuff.This has included meds, diet and supps. I would say the diet and supps have been the strategies/things that have brought some temp relief. The majority of prescribed meds have only worsened and added new permanent symptoms. My advice would be to push through barriers to do physical and mental exercise as well as socialising, all are very hard especially when on the canvass but they do help a little. The best supp for me was turmeric. I felt on the way to fully recovering then crashed two weeks in, however improved sleep has remained to a degree I get roughly 3 hours broken sleep per night which for one or two on here would be a blessing.On reflection I should have cycled it. My last throw of the dice for improvements is trt which I’m waiting on. Other than that it’s going to be time which feels like an eternity right now. Going through on of the many rough patches. Cheers

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One of the things that is happening in this last crash that I had (apart from extreme increase in fat, muscle loss and mental sides) is that an area of my neck skin has darkened.

Searching info about this, almost all results talk about “acanthosis nigricans”: > "The skin changes of acanthosis nigricans typically occur in people who are obese or have diabetes.

Acanthosis nigricans has been associated with:

  • Insulin resistance. Most people who have acanthosis nigricans have also become resistant to insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that allows your body to process sugar. Insulin resistance is what eventually causes type 2 diabetes.*
  • Hormonal disorders. Acanthosis nigricans often occurs in people who have disorders such as ovarian cysts, underactive thyroids or problems with the adrenal glands.*

I have been thinking since the last crash with the anti-psychotic they gave me, and everytime I have an argument or difficult situation now I feel like my anxiety becomes unbearable. I also have noticed a tendency to get easily very angry, something that was not very common before.

That makes me ask myself some questions:
1- Do pills like anti-psychotics make us worse just because they lower testosterone and then this testosterone is raised again after stopping, causing more problems to the androgen receptors?
2- Or may it be that to our “broken” body, an anti-psychotic is too much?
3 -Or may it be that we have a predisposition to some pills causing a desregulation of receptors? For example, since anti-psychotics block dopamine receptors, can it be that when dopamine returns these receptors get affected?

I am not a science guy, and probably some vocabulary is not correct, but I think it is pretty clear what I mean in the three points. I hope that the only reason for this is just a further desregulation of the androgen receptor. Otherwise, it would be too much.

I have just received the results of a blood test I did last week. It shows, for the first time in my life that triglicerids and colesterol are much higher than normal values. Some months ago I took just one antipsicotic pill.

Could it be this the reason? The truth is this pills are known to cause a big increase in triglicerids, and I had a sudden weight increase following the use of the antipsychotic, together with this:

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As @awor posted about ten years ago this is quite common in PFS so I would expect, unless the antipsychotic exacerbated it, it would have been the case regardless.

Yes, probably this is all part of the PFS picture, which in my case has just become worse in the last months. I did a couple of blood tests last year and they were fine regarding colesterol and triglicerids, and have been fine during my 8 previous years of PFS.

I guess I am slowly conquering all PFS symptoms and markers. :trophy:

TUDCA effectively lowers cholesterol and treats fatty liver but it has some affect on the brain. I don’t know how we’d respond to it. Maybe research it and let me know what you think.

I don’t know, I think I will wait before trying another drug. The crash caused by the antipsychotic was hard enough to wait some time. But thanks anyway

Take a look. I don’t think it acts on receptors like the drug you took and you can try it in very small doses. I’ve reacted badly to drugs but the small doses meant side effects were minimal and I recovered.

Does the crash occur because of the actions on the CNS, does anyone know?