Joint Pain

The 2nd time I started taking Propecia, I ended up getting rheumatoid arthritis 1.5 months after being on it. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not. I stopped taking it and the side effects continued to get worse. It was so bad that I had could barely walk upstairs and had to be prescribed to several immune decreasing medications. I finally got better after about 8 months. I’m debating getting back on to see if it really was the Propecia that caused it, but I’m not sure I want to risk it.

Better to err on the side of caution and not chance it, especially considering viewtopic.php?p=3021#p3021

If you do plan to take drug again, do not bother posting on this site.

Last May I was put on Finasteride for frequent urges to urinate. In that respect it helped but ever so slowly my strength started going away and my shoulder joints began to ache. By October I was seeing an orthopedic specialist for cortizone shots. It was when he told me he needed to replace my left shoulder joint to give me relief that I began poking around on the internet and found this page. After reading how many others were experiencing some of the same effects to the drug I stopped taking it. It is nearly June 2012 some six months after stopping the medication and my strength is back to maybe 90% and the shoulder pain is nearly gone as well. I am so glad to have found this page!!!

Bosant thanks for sharing your experience, pls see this post as it may provide insights into causes for the joint pain:


As well, viewtopic.php?p=13341#p13341

Hey Roy did you figure anything out? I have guys telling me there might be an issue in Estrogen levels and HCG medication is a great help.

I have significant arthritic feeling iin my joints as well. Muscles catching, etc.

wow this post is super old. cCrazy how people have been dealing with these symptoms and nothing has changed. Has anyone fixed their Joint pain over the years?
I’m six months off of FIN (Used it 2-3mg a week for a year) and got significant Joint Pain. Arthritic feeling in shoulders, fingers and hip. Just checking to seee if anyone has helpful tips. Much appreciated.

I developed joint pain as well, but it went away after taking vitamin D.

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thank you for sharing man. Glad to hear yoou are better. appreciate you. I will try thatt.