joetz's lab work

One more comment, I have read where the total serum iron to iron binding capacity ratio for max libido/function is best at around 20%, you are at 35%.

Only way to lower it is to donate blood . . . . .


I have some more bloodwork and things are much more “normal” than they used to be. Does this mean I am gradually recovering? I hope so

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Your Estradial is at high-normal range.

How do you feel?

I feel a little better than a year ago, but I am so far away from being recovered and have such l long way to go. I’ve been taking 500 mg of magnesium lately, one 250 mg in the morning and one 250 mg at night. I felt almost cured when I first started but the effects wore off. I’m also taking vitamin d. So far the supplements I have taken have helped but we’re talking maybe feeling 10% of what I used to be instead of zero.

I had a hunch estradial is high, that’s probably why my chest feels tender sometimes. My free testosterone is in the low end of the range and that probably isn’t doing me any favors either.

You probably should get your Andronstandiol Glucoride(check spellin) tested as well along with DHT.

If you up the Vit D you will find that your E is kept in better control. This has been true of myself and others. How much D are you taking?

My vitamin D is actually in the normal range now after taking 15,000 IU for a while. Unlike you guys though, I saw no benefit to bringing it up. I don’t feel any better now at normal levels than when my numbers were way below normal.

I was just looking at some of my old posts from 2009 and can’t believe it’s 2022 and I’m still suffering from this condition. Some things have improved but a lot of symptoms have not.


It’s so drastic in your member story in the mid thirties 2009 you told that you deal Propecia problems since your early twentieth. So you survived now all this problems for more than twenty years? Suffering close to Lazarus Ray.

I’m 60 yo. The suffering gets me at 59. So I m done after one year. I have no job wich motivates me. I quit 20 years ago because of Borderline. I enjoyed my hobbies like Bicycle, Walking, Swimming, Dating, Gardening.

Now I hang in my chair. Motivated for nothing and wait for the end of time. A normal person gets 80 yo today. 20 years with this shit. How can I stand this?!

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I was rereading this thread and I saw that I put my lab results up in 2009. Would it be helpful to see my current lab results to see what changed in 13 years? Or what didn’t change?


It’d be interesting.

Could you elaborate on which symptoms improved and which did not?

Have you tried certain strategies to get better? Certain diets?

Did the anhedonia and libido improve somewhat? The joy in life.

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Yes, that would be really interesting to see. Escpecially with your commentary on the changes in your symptoms.