Is Silica a DHT blocker?

Just realized that silica (horsetail extract) is in one of my supplements. It is a common ingredient in many hair loss products, but I don’t know if it is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor or just helps with circulation. Been trying to find the answer, but some sources are saying yes and others say no, that it just helps with improving circulation. Does anyone have a definitive answer?

I can’t find it being a potent anti-androgen compared to saw palmetto and nettle root. Everything in this world which u use in ur everyday life is a minor anti-androgen except oxygen and water, u cannot escape from them, if u are skeptical about a product or food, just don’t use it. If u are using this for hairloss, i think u should embrace your baldness and learn acceptance as everything related to curing hairloss is one or the other way an “anti-androgen”.

I’m not using it for hair loss but to improve circulatory function. I am seeing contradictory information about silica, but I think hair loss websites are referring to this substance as a DHT blocker because they probably just think everything that has to do with hair loss involves DHT. Other websites are saying it helps with improving blood flow, and not mentioning anything about DHT blocking qualities. I am just going to assume these sources are correct. I have POTS syndrome and I am doing everything to make sure blood and oxygen are being distributed sufficiently. So I will continue taking it.

@KingHenryV - can you add an entry to your member story where you summarize the experience you had with this supplement using the self-reporting form?

I didn’t have any new side effects from it but I am not 100% recovered obviously and I don’t know if it’s setting me back or not.