Interview with doctor who acknowledges PFS and talks about how people have been cured

I’m new here so i’m sorry if this has been posted before, but i just wanted to give some hope to people that say there is no cure. The doctor here talks about PFS and how some people have cured themselves with testostrone. He also says something along the lines of 70% of people in their 40’s experience some form of side effects.

I know this is probably nothing new, but again, i think it’s a good watch for people with PFS

TRT only works for some men with pfs I tried it for 8 months and it did nothing, look on the forum and you’ll find plenty of people who tried hormone replacement with no luck, and very few that do respond.


If your symptoms go away with TRT then that means you had hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is different from PFS, though they have similar symptoms. Everyone who has PFS symptoms should get their blood tested. If their T is below range then they probably just have hypogonadism and do not have PFS at all. If you get your blood tested, have low T, treat it with TRT and your symptoms don’t improve, then yes of course that is not hypogonadism but likely rather PFS. But more people have hypogonadism than PFS.


I think most of us has low T, but it’s rather PFS Leads to low T and not the other way around so correcting T wont do anything…I still believe that all who recover would recover their normal T level as well, so I will go ahead and say it, those with naturally (Not through TRT) Good T levels have far better advantage in recovering compared to those who have 0 T level like me.

I have low free T. Barely above bottom of range, although total T is normal. I’ve heard boron and l. Reuteri can help with this problem

@Adxv123, please post a member story and consider consider participating in the post-drug patient survey if you are experiencing, or did experience, side-effects after more than 3 months of cessation.

The experience of the vast majority of members here who have attempted various forms of HRT is that it isn’t a cure, but a treatment for some. Some have been made worse by it.

I think these doctors need to get real.

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sounds like the doctors from a clinic in the USA that claim similar

rumors are (from other doctors) that these guys try to get people hooked onto TRT so they get a renewable service from them

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Its crazy, reading this forum has helped me to do one thing - ive accepted it !

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Hey @safcchris, would you mind completing the survey? The data that is being gathered is going to be used to help scientists we hope to study our condition in the not too distant future. Everybody’s participation is vital.

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I’d be curious to hear what this guy would say about the few who have seemed to mostly recover by, in part, a course of Proviron. If he cared to take a guess at whether it was more related to their state or the method they treated themselves.