Intense Depressive Symptoms Post-Workout

I’ve noticed that when I do weightlifting that afterwards I feel incredibly depressed, to the point of suicidal thoughts. Anyone had this and/or found a solution?

Working out used to be such a good vibe for me and I obviously want to keep looking after my health the best I can.

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I get this sometimes. Couldn’t tell you why, but I would get it pre PFS too.

I usually just go home and play league of legends and I feel better after an hour.


How long does it last for you?

The last time I lifted I experienced the same, and all my symptoms got a lot worse. It’s really frustrating because I used to work out 6 days a week prior to this, and did both cardio and weightlifting every single day.

Temporarily worse? How long did it last?

Same here

What kind of depressive symptoms are you guys having?

I don’t really have depression, but my symptoms get much more worse after working out. I don’t know why, it doesn’t make any sense to me…

About a week I think. Took about two weeks to completely get back to baseline ish, but shortly after I had a crash and was well below baseline for quite a while anyway and am not sure why that ended up happening. I think I became more fragile after the workout.

The workout pretty much instantly increased symptoms after a couple hours. Had severe suicidal thoughts.

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Yeah I had this too for about six months post crash, has gone away thankfully. Love exercising now, helps me take my mind off this shit. Even if it’s just for a while.

It happened to me 1.5 years post crash. Thought it wasn’t possible and was really looking forward to a good workout. I haven’t tried going to the gym after that as I’m too scared to be in that state of mind again.

So sorry to hear that man.

Guys make sure you’re not overtraining. Feeling like a train wreck post workout is a telltale sign of overtraining. I get it too sometimes when I over do it at the gym and that’s why I now opt for 4 days on/3 days off split (6 days previously). Resistance/Cardio combo should be done in moderation. I’d say 15-20mins Max. for cardio. This allows the body to recover from intense workouts and hence reaping the effects of exercise. Also, make sure you’re not underfed (~2500 kcal with sufficient fats/carbs/protein) and getting 7-8hrs of quality sleep.


When do you workout, morning time or evening time, probably late night?

for me training keeps me making pleasure, or at least hope not to gain overweight. i dont do heavy weights, mainly just abdominal training since all my muscles elsewhere weakened.

Do you take some protein high carbs beverage when you do your training?

Because actually sugar spikes makes me bring to the same condition.

When I was doing low carb diet for a few months I felt good enough even when training.

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Heyy sikllinfil, offtopic: have you improved physically with trainings? Like reduced fat and stuff? Thanks man

I am not training hard at all. I run one or 2 times a week 40 min and just do some weight training like 20min one time a week so I am not comparable to you.

I just feel it helps improving the mood nothing else.

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I get a strong wave of depression after weight-lifting, yes. It has a weirdly ‘artificial’ feel to it, and kicks in right after the session. It is bad enough to cause me to avoid lifting weights. Moderate/ short HIT cardio doesn’t cause problems.

If you search you will find other threads dating back a while on the depression / weight-lifting thing.

I used to get this depressive mood a lot when I’ve been on Corticosteroids in the past. Corticosteroids must have suppressed my adrenals leading to lowered Cortisol output. Cortisol is body’s natural mechanism to adapt with stress (mental & physical). Working out can be too taxing on compromised adrenals leading to symptoms of depression afterwards. Even nowadays I know it when I over train and feel like crap later. Go very gentle on the workout and avoid intensive workout by all means. 30mins of moderate workout should suffice. Getting enough sleep and daily calories is also critical.

If problem persists, then check your Cortisol, DHEA-s, Testosterone, and Thyroid. Godspeed

Fortunately I don’t have this problem, try to change the training schedule.