Inflammatory Neuropathies: make the diagnosis


I’ve done an EMG and a SSEP test today. There was nothing wrong with the nerves according to them. Now I have strong tinglings on the pelvic floor, on the scrotum, and at the tip of the penis. I also had strong contractions of the pelvic floor preceded by that tingling. If this is not neurological I don’t know what the hell this can be. They said me it could be urological…well, ok. So they told me to do an urodynamical exam. I can see only the prostate then as the source of the problem, or something is biochemically upset in the pudendal nerve. I can say in fact, my worst sexual problems started after my uro fingered my prostate. Then also the tinglings started after I used DHT to get rid of gyne (to no avail), and I read somewhere that androgens are not good when there are prostate problems. DHT also gave me a prostatitis with some fever. My tinglings worsen dramatically after I ejaculate. How an inflamed/destroyed prostate can give tinglings on the pelvic floor however is beyond my comprehension honestly. This condition is kind of stupid.


If our nuerosteroid levels are super low then that is an obvious and simple explanantion for the pelvic floor tension, small hard flaccid penis, and other uro-genital issues.

Hopefully we will know the results from that study within the next 3 weeks…


Its all 100% neurological in cause. We will see this very soon. The “single bullet” theory as I like to call it.


Anyway, what I know is that I’m going to see a doctor for fasting pretty soon :laughing: . The “single bullet” therapy!!


You had a EMG/SSEP on the tip of your penis? If not, where was the test performed?
Also, when you first joined the forum you said you had no ED. When did that start, if at all?


The EMG ha been done on the pelvic floor, they told me to contract the anus and they performed some tests that honestly I don’t know what they are meant to do, like sticking a needle in my pelvic flloor, and for a moment they also placed something on my penis. The SSEP was performed applying two rings on my penis, and two electrical needles on my head. Then they started sending short and strong impulses and my penis felt those impulses at the tip. I believe the impulses are to test the electrical connection between my brain and my penis.

I stopped finasteride only because of gynecomastia, and because it was the only side effect I knew came from finasteride, as long as low libido and liquid semen. I conitnued the treatment because they told me these were completely reversible symptoms. However I had many problems in the preceding years that I connected to finasteride only after I subscribed to this site (my life was hell under finasteride expecially because of extreme anxiety). I also had ED sometimes during finasteride but I thought it was only fatigue. Also I remember during the treatment I had to change the way I stimulated myself manually, probably because my erections weren’t coming as hard as I wanted, but that was completely an automatic non rationale behavior. I completely lost my morning and spontaneous erections during finasteride treatment too. But this came probably quite slowly and that is one thing that if no one tells you about, you don’t notice. I didn’t know anything of finasteride side effects. But my sexual symptoms drastically worsend about 6 months after I withdrawn finasteride, I went to the uro because I was worried my spontaneous erections didn’t return. Then he fingered my prostate and in the evening I was completely impotent and my penis started to shrink to the point that I went to ER only to be loughed at. I was scared as hell. From that point till today I had really bad days. I’m doing decently well now, but it’s really fluctuating.

At the moment my ED is not bad, I get good erections. But I still don’t have spontaneous erections, neither normally under visual stimulation. Rarely in the morning when I wake and that’s all.


This what the report conclusion say:

Electromyography and electroneurography
-Cremasteric reflex in the norm; anal reflex in the norm; no deficit in the force in the musculature of the pelvic plane; no disturbances of the profound sensibilities.
CONCLUSIONS: The exam didn’t highlight signs of pregress neurogenic damage or in act in the musculature of the pelvic plane.
Normal the latency of the reflex of the bulbo-cavernosus.

Pudendal nerve stimulation
Conclusions: Exam normal.


tab how much are the exams you did?


188€ all privately (intramoenia) but well the neurologist is a guy working on SLA so I think It’s a pretty fair price eventhought he was always in and out of the room letting me with his students (specializzandi).


Oh I forgot to say, they told me that, from the results, I should start/have an erection in about 30ms. Which is obviously not the case. So I guess that something is destroyed in my brain or something else, like prostate inflammation (today I ate pizza plenty of oil an things on it, my erection went pretty bad compared to the days when I eat raw).


Are any of these tests still valid. Thoughts @gents93


honestly this is one of the better posts i’ve seen recently. but you ultimately need to be prescribed these studies so if a doctor unwilling to get this baseline data then you’re shit out of luck to put it bluntly. it cannot hurt to have baseline data. these studies are reliable.

not to end this on a shitty note either, but even if we do get some concrete evidence from these studies doctors still ignore it. damon’s findings were deemed “not significant” by doctors. while i’m not a radiologist nor a seasoned nurse they look pretty significant to me.

i was thinking of showing them to a urology surgeon at the hospital who is a lot younger and a pleasure to talk to. i’d be interested to see what he says.maybe when i get to know him bettter i will


So if I had a good doctor what exactly would I ask for?


EEG & CT of the head


I’ve had eegs and MRIs. Maybe should do an fmri to see blood flow to various regions of the brain. All my results showed no damage, hopefully a good sign in the long run


It can be a problem of prostate have you ever checked out your prostate?