Increase in Grey (pubic) Hair


maybe because of low free T. I have got very thin too.


Hi. I noticed first grey pubic hair three months after crash and aging is a going on. The quality of the pubic hair is also a changed during the year. If I remember right somebody had little success to return normal color via thyroid hormone.


Update. Found a few dark color hair on scrotum where they are completely gray. Obviously getting back normal color is very slow and maybe just local change.


Does anyone notice any improvements over the months/years, getting back to the usual hair color?
I used to be a very hairy guy but thats not the case anymore.
I’m experiencing getting white hairs all over my body, even in my beard and eyebrows. Also the hairs become very thin and are falling out.


Good Question PFF. I am also getting a bunch of random grey hairs all over the place very rapidly as well. Would love to be able to reverse this.


i have a couple whıte eyebrow hair they dont exıst before.


I’ve gotten quite a few gray hairs. The other day I even noticed one of my eyelashes went gray. I didn’t think that was even posible.


my white hairs now black on my left scrotum. its interesting but i am shocked when i read my old post.


I also have Hair gray on scrotum :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: