IGF-I Is a Regulator of 5ar activity


Weights training, combined with whey protein and l-glutamine supplements can reportedly raise growth hormone levels. if you don’t currently do any form of weights training then this might be all that you need to bump yourself into a healthier range.

Perhaps try a heavy weights routine for 6 months and re-test to see if it improves our levels.


I personally I think you should be concerned. I have asked several doctors about the actual hormonal “ranges” and how should they be interpreted. I have been told that they are considered a healthy range, rather than my bodies range. I like to look at things in terms or percent of the “supposed” healthy range. That would put you at 26% of the healthy range.

The unfortunate problem for you is that all of the endocrinoligsts I have dealt with don’t look symptoms they simply look at this range to determine if you have a problem. If you fall in the range you’re fine, if you don’t then maybe you have a problem. They used a group of men to determine the range, but they don’t have a healthy range for guys of a certain age. They just group men from 20’s-40’s together.

GH doesn’t begin to decline in most men until after age 40. It would of course also be a gradual decline. A young guy should not have IGF numbers like yours nor should I.

The bottom line in my opinion, is if you want to get treated you will likely have a hard time finding a doctor that will say this you have a GH deficiency. Google the symptoms, I’ll bet you have a lot of them.



I have never stopped weight training through all of this nightmare. It has become incredibly difficult and unrewarding. I certainly don’t get the same results from my workouts, but I still lift weights a lot and my levels are very crappy. I guess it’s worth a shot for some guys that haven’t tried this yet.


IGF-1 appears this far to be reversing my PFS symptoms, I am not directly injecting IGF-1, but s powerful precursor that reactivates the pituitary gland and secretes HGH. I have been on this all along, never put 2 and 2 together. It is too soon to say anything, but I wanted to post to this thread. Since I upped my dosage of IGF-1 precursors, I have been recovering. My PFS is currently in remission as of now. Everything has reversed, too soon to declare anything, but I’ll keep this thread updated. Within 20 mins after injection, muscle spasms stop completely and my body responds normally to testosterone. I have thought it was other things. I now am narrowing my research on this treatment and will keep you guys apprised.


Post the picture. If not, stop leading people down this dangerous path.


There is NOTHING dangerous about Sermorelin/GHRP2/GHRP6, my anti aging doctor prescribes the exact dose I am taking to all his patients all over the world. You can google it, even Dr Oz is for it, what makes you think it is unsafe? It is unsafe to sit around with PFS, that is unsafe, this works by regenerating everything. It has brought me into remission completely.
There already is a photo of it, check the photo I posted in the merck lawsuit thread, the Sermorelin/GHRP2/GHRP6 is there, there is NOTHING dangerous about it. Synthetic HGH can be dangerous because it is not regulated by your autonomic system. These precursors however, they cause your own pituitary gland to release its own HGH, it is then regulated by your autonomic system, so if you produce too much, it is downgraded.
Everyone should be on it with or without PFS, your HGH levels drop significantly with age, don’t listen to me, google it and read about it. Hollywood stars have been on this stuff for decades, there are many books on it like “growing younger with HGH.” It also restores collagen loss, causes new muscle cell tissue to grow, you can get it cheaply from peptide pharmacies.
Please explain HOW this is dangerous?


Justquitdut, i read with attention your posts on recovery but in the space of 7days i read you saying you entered remission from igf1, injecred vitamins and the compound in tribulus and aspargus which now i dont remember the name.
Youre all ovee the place…
It would be cool if you could organize a post for these beneficial compounds you have tried,with a tineline…


Or he is full of shit. Simple, he won’t post evidence. Besides who in their right mind would take this combination of items like this. And who really thinks eating asparagus will counter the devastating impacts of this? I can tell you of three items at least that are posted here that don’t make a shit of difference. Spinach, Broccoli, and now asparagus.


I have posted a photo of every drug I have in the suing merck thread, do you need a link? I am currently in complete remission from PFS, I do have a thread I am keeping everything together with. I am going to post there, MCI, did you read what I wrote? I am taking a common anti-aging combo of drugs.
I know you are bitter and unhappy and I am sorry for that, I understand, but you shouldn’t insult and lash out at people or call them liars. I have posted a photo of every drug I have with a piece of paper with my handle on here written on it, that is old news.
Since I am in remission I won’t be posting back here till there are some changes. If the Sermorelin/GHRP2/GHRP6 continues to make me recover then I will be good. I feel pre=PFS right now, it is amazing. As for the vitamins, they do help the secondary conditions caused by PFS, only injectables work though.
Anyway, I am not here to argue with you MCI, your knowledge of pharmacology and hormones is very lacking, arguing with you entails me constantly educating you which is very taxing with your negative attitude. If you are polite I am happy to educate you, but if you continue this way, I will simply stop responding to your posts.




Guys dont argue, everyone haa a lot of probs already withouth arguing.
Justquit could you make a post with everythbg youre taking? If possible some chronoligical ordering of the items and improvements, tha would ve great

Tgabks a lot


I will as soon as I isolate the cause of my second remission, I am 90% convinced it is the HGH precursors, Sermorelin/GHRP2/GHRP6, I will post on my thread exactly what I am taking with respect to that. It has to be that which is helping me. It makes sense, it’s regenerating everything, that’s what HGH does, plus this is through my own pituitary gland. I want to wait a couple weeks before I claim remission, but I feel like myself again.


thats amazing…
remember someone here recovered through GHB which increases HGH quite notoriously


Here is my thread, I posted the protocol I am on there



Yet another thread resulting in bickering between members. :unamused:

Dr. Irwig ordered blood work for me tomorrow morning and will be checking T, DHT, FSH, and LH. I’ll get this baseline first and inject 100mcg Triptorelin (the same one from United Pharmacies) and in a few weeks I will get another round of readings.


He started it, I was just defending myself :stuck_out_tongue: , I highly recommend the triptorelin, I will post my experiences about it in the Triptorelin thread


This piece of information right here is insanely valuable. Could be the missing link everyone has been looking for ever since that shitty Fin has been introduced on the surface of the planet.

Going to look more into ways to boost IGF-1 without having to fork out $$$ for HGH