"If you have a genetic variation which means you’re more sensitive to what these drugs do, you could be more at risk"


The news about these meds is going to detonate heavily.

What is it we need to do to reach out to the doctors commenting in this?


The death problem happens with Accutane, too.

Google Accutane death rhabdomyolysis and you get:




Which doctor in the article do you want to contact?


Looks like there’s a few, reading it. The intention is that we need to get their attention on this being a multi-drug problem.


This sounds like something to follow up on once we have a good selection of survey results and perhaps post Baylor.


Indeed it will be.

Btw thanks for that Pete - I have in my notes a documented case of finasteride induced rhabdomyolysis so this is useful.

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I have often wondered if I have a from of this muscle disease as I have gained 100lbs and muscle so weak out of breath at nothing…Baking soda helped me so much I have often wondered if dyalisis would help even more.