If Mew and awor still active in this forum? How are they doing now?

Hi, when I first know this forum, I find that Mew and awor did a lots of awesome research and works for a decade, but why I cann’t see them active in this forum recently, How are they doing now? Are they cured and restart to live their life again?

They’ve both stepped down from admin role to focus on their personal lives.

So do they recovered or improved considerably? Is awor still continuing his research on PFS?

If I undesrtood correctly, Awor never really recovered from his Milk Thistle crash in 2011. I doubt he’s moved on because he got better, unfortunately.

Mew used to post a long time ago, so I really couldn’t say. But, if I remember correctly Awor one said Mew didn’t really get better just tried to cope with his condition the best he could.

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It is disappointed to heard that they may not really get better, I saw some people seems do improved with time but some never really improved, I am still on early stage and this uncertainty about whether natural recovery is possible really makes me feel bad. since my major remaining sides are only sexual, so I am wondering if it worth to give it years to see if it’s reversible, and try to use Viagra to get by these years with a definitely compromising sex life quality? or just do an implant surgery recently and forget about all these shits and move on with my life?

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I don’t know, that’s a million dollar question.

If you respond to ED meds and they don’t give you sides, you’d probably be better use them. Not only you’ll give your body time and see if you can naturally recover, but there is also a chance of a treatment for PFS being developed in the next n years (not really optimistic about the latter scenario but hey, never say never).

Hi @Hanru_Sun

TFD is right, Awor and Mew have both stepped down from their admin roles to focus on their personal lives. Awor’s work has laid an important platform for our current organisation, PFS Network, to exist and continue advancing awareness and research into PFS. While unfortunately neither of them are recovered from PFS, a member of staff spoke to Awor recently and he is doing fine.

For updates on what we’re working on, I’d encourage you to check out our update threads from this year:

  1. Research in 2021
  2. My involvement with PFS Network

These threads should link to important projects like 2021 research, our new podcast series, and our Family Advocacy Group which are all launching soon.

If you’d like to speak privately, please feel free to reach out.

Take care,

Thanks for your reply, your efforts and kindness really give us hope in this tough situation.

Permanent recovery stories are few and far between to say the least, and many who think they have PFS probably just have only temporary or treatable conditions with overlapping symptoms. The assumption has to be that there is no natural recovery and therefore the only thing we can do to recover is get research started.

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I guess that’s all most of us can do; try to cope with the condition best. It’s like diabetes which can not be cured and one has to simply learn to live with the absence of insulin by managing strict lifestyle changes and medications to lead the same life which a non diabetic person lives without having to follow any any exercise regimen, diet routine, or supplements.
All the recovery stories I have read seem like managing strategies to live with the absence of 5Alpha/DHT and lead the same life which others(those who have not taken finasteride/propecia) lead naturally without following any exercise regimen or diet chart or supplements.

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Are you able share who the researchers are and why they’ve been chosen?

Absolutely. When we present a research proposal to the community, we can share the details of the researcher, the institution, and provide a thorough explanation of why we think it’s the most appropriate area of investigation for our condition.

Taking a desperate shot in the dark here but how soon do you think?

I can’t provide any more detailed information at this point, sorry @betweenjobs. The only thing I can say is we’re working daily to solidify the best opportunity.

I agreed with you, it is really irresponsible to exclude all the recover cases from the PFS suffers, PFS is a bunch of very real symptoms. PFS foundation also state that “a handful of PFS patients have reported to us that they have felt 80%, 90% or even 99% better over a period of one to five years.” So I strongly believe there is hope.

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I am afraid I might be considered a pessimist but I would rather say that I am just trying to be realistic. I don’t think that there can be any recovery as because what we have done to ourselves by consuming this drug is the same that is done for chemical castration.