I was thinking about starting finasteride, but after reading this site i guess i won't anymore?

I’m 23 years old, and although i’m not balding that bad i would say i’m at a level 1.5 of Norwood. I was thinking about using finasteride to stop my temples from balding, which it is already slowly. I was going to use finasteride and minoxidil with dermaroller to stop hair miniaturization in my temples and make it grow back.

I’ve saw some youtube videos of 2 doctors, with a channel called The Hair Loss Show, and they explained that with thousands of patients that they treated, only a short amount of them got bad side effects, and that a lot of people get bad side effects because they use 1g of finasteride every day 7 days per week, which is not necessary because 1g 3 days per week is enough to keep your hair.

That convinced me and i was thinking about starting usin fin, but after i’ve read some threads here about men saying they got a whole bunch of fucked up side effects i’m really disconsidering starting to use fin. What do you guys think?

I’m pretty healthy and i think i have high T levels


I heard a joke the other day that went something like “5/6 people think Russian Roulette is completely harmless.”

Being that this site is meant strictly for those who have had long-term, often life-altering, side-effects; I’m not sure what would give you the impression anyone here would encourage you to take the risk, even if you believe it to be negligible.

An assumption that this condition results from low T or that previous health determines susceptibility to PFS. There’s no evidence of either.


For heaven’s sake! Please dont take the risk! Enjoy your life as healthy person, hairloss wont ruin your life


This is inaccurate in relation to Post Finasteride Syndrome, which is different from on-drug side effects (in fact, I’m not aware of any data that shows 1 mg 3 days a week reduces the incidence of on-drug side effects either). Many patients have developed Post Finasteride Syndrome from as little as one dose or 1 mg. The predisposition to the disease is currently unknown so starting the drug is an enormous risk, a risk that somebody who hasn’t got PFS would find very difficult to comprehend.

There are members here who listened to those 2 hair transplant surgeons and then thought the drug was relatively benign or that they could mitigate any dangers there might be with specific dosing schedules

If you read their stories, you’ll see that different dosing did nothing to prevent what happened to them. My advice to you would be to shave your head/get a hair transplant/get a hair system. Do not take finasteride.


I’ve been in this shit for the last 3 years I’ve tried TRT and a bunch of supplements and nothing works you can believe us or the guys on YouTube your choice but if you get fucked from finasteride don’t even bother making another account on here because we told you so.

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And you’ll be able to find plenty of people here who believed the guys on YouTube.


yeah dont take any fin or minoxi bro

use microneedling dermapen’s by itself if you must for hair

in a year or 2 you will have really good safe hair restoration either way

dont play russian roullete with finasteride and minoxidil (they both do the same exact thing in the body)

you dont know how many bullets are in the chambers


Every single one of us would KILL to be able to go back in time and cry and scream furiously into the face of our former selves as we debated taking finasteride.

This is life-altering and truly horrible in ways I had utterly no concept of being possible in the years before I took fin. I never imagined my formerly healthy, weightlifter’s body could be DESTROYED by 8-9 pills of finasteride. I didn’t believe any of the stories of permanent side effects, believed all Merck’s promises about sides abating…

God I would trade anything and everything I have to go back now and be in your shoes and get the chance to throw those pills away and never know this life.

Don’t even think about taking it. Don’t let anyone you know or care about take it. Flush it all and walk away.


Doesn’t matter. You can be in excellent shape, have great tolerance to stress, perfect cognition. Despite what is said about PFS or these forums, this condition does not just “prey on the weak” so to speak. For whatever reason, Finasteride can cause completely life-altering changes to your mind, skin, muscles, hair, senses, coordination, and whatever else you can imagine lol. The effects can be so ridiculous actually, that if you’ve never experienced PFS first-hand, you would believe they are made up. I did.

You can find many men who were quite healthy, fit, and confident prior to taking that shit. Hopefully some of the replies here can help you make your mind up.

If you can, think about it this way: you do decide to take Finasteride and ignore the horror stories. And it screws you up. What then? You can find posts on this forum that go back 15 years about trying every hormone treatment, supplement, herb, and lifestyle change you could possibly imagine with no improvement, or a worsening in symptoms. Some guys get better with time, though it seems that most don’t. Take it from a guy who was quite healthy myself & believed all the stories about PFS to be bullshit. Nothing is worth risking your health.


Yes emphasis on this bit. I also went into taking fin thinking it was only weak people who got sides and only insecure idiots who justified staying on it when their dicks didn’t work. And that I’d just get off it if and when that happened and all would be fine. Was just a whole different LIFE back then, remembering it and recalling who I was.

Was hardly Schwarzenegger I will admit but I was a fairly big guy (note not someone who just “went to the gym” I have a 130kg bench and curled sets of 25kg/arm - I had muscle) and I used to be a Thai boxer of many years.

Was either 8 or 9 pills of fin two years ago. I could not have fathomed the horror (and it is HORROR) of the mental sides. That view of the world you have now where you dwell happily in it, that GOES. As in that all vanishes and it’s just a seething, buzzing horror.

No sleep. You can’t sleep at all.

Sexual sides are of course HORRIFIC but they’re only part of the problem. It is a perfect, perfect, engineered sort of torture your darkest imagination just can’t conceive of until you become DROWNED in it.



It’s not worth it. Do not do it.

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I also thought this. Prior health status or T levels or mental strength or toughness has no relation to how susceptible you are to the side effects. There’s no known way to mitigate the risk if you take fin. So you’re playing russian roulette even with a single dose.

Finasteride made me ill in ways I couldn’t even conceive of. It would’ve been impossible to describe to my pre-fin self, because I had not experienced anything remotely like it. How do you begin to describe the feeling of becoming a different person, or suddenly inhabiting a body that doesn’t feel like your own anymore?

+1 to this.

Imagine having your sexuality, your personality, your relationships, everything taken away from you, but then being unable to feel sad or angry about it, because your emotions have also been taken away. It’s almost too dreadful to describe.

Why risk any of this?


Pretty much every person on here will tell you the same thing. Under NO circumstances should you ever touch the stuff.

I thought the same way; I was healthy, young, virile, normal guy who never got ill from anything. Surely I would be fine; the people who got sick were probably unhealthy predisposed individuals who didn’t take care of themselves.

This has destroyed my life in almost every way I can imagine. It’s not just your sexuality; (which of course, will disappear), it’s your brain reward system as a whole. You lose interest in everything, you lose all your relationships, you lose the normal daily drive that always seemed so easy to rely on and access, you have no understanding of why you would even want anything you once found enjoyable, much less a woman. You become an entirely different person - one who can simply observe their old self disappearing and yet be able to do absolutely nothing about it. It’s an almost surreal, peculiar kind of nightmare that no one can really even describe effectively. It’s honestly unreal.

The worst part about it - doctors mostly think you’re nuts, and have no way to help you…

I’m still kind of in shock this stuff is on the market and so easy to get; I really have a hard time wrapping my head around that. The one thing I would say; is IF THERE WAS A PROTOCOL OR CURE THAT COULD TREAT PFS then maybe, just mayyyyybe, it would be worth a gamble in that case. If the worst case happened, then you could at least rely on a treatment to correct what Finasteride did. But there isn’t one. When put this way, this risk is simply not even close to being even half-way worth it. It can take away your entire meaning of existence, and then you’re stuck in a hole begging for people to listen and help you, with no discernable cure anywhere on the horizon.

Walk away, save some money for transplants, go to Columbia to get them done cheaper if you have to. Do anything but this stuff. DO NOT TAKE PROPECIA.


I’m not gonna be one of those fearmongers who tell you that fin is guaranteed to destroy your dick. Chances are that you won’t suffer from persistent side effects. HOWEVER, I’d say that the odds of persistent sides are too high for how devastating they are, and that makes fin not worth taking.

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Taking Finasteride is an exceptionally poor idea. Many of my friends are shedding hair or have got rid of all of it. They get women (or in some cases men, if that is what those guys enjoy) because they have learned to build an attractive life. Life is not your hair.

Personally, I badly damaged myself over a skin condition (severe acne - Google image that shit). I accepted a prescription for Accutane. This then badly damaged my health. I took Accutane because I wanted to fuck girls and stop people yelling at me in the street about my acne. Unfortunately the Accutane badly injured my health and meant that I had untold side effects that the doctor never told me about. My ability to fucking girls - the thing that I wanted to do most - was badly hit by the Accutane. Now, I am on this website still, about 15 years after taking the stupid fucking Accutane. I have been looking at these side effects sites for 15 fucking years. Do you want that?


I’d tackle the hairloss like this, as an experiment.

Shave it all off in one go, one weekend.

If you have to explain it to people at your work/ studies, tell them the following.

You showed up at a small party with your friends at the weekend. You were very tired from a long day of sports/ walking/ running/ bicycle/ helping family move their stuff/ studying/ helping your friend with stuff. You fell asleep on a sofa in the back room. Your friends were still drinking into the early hours. You woke up with a small burning on your hair and then someone emptied a bucket of cold water onto your head! Someone had set fire to your hair and then someone instantly dropped cold water onto it! You were angry and left. Next day you shaved it all off because it looked bad after it got singed.

On the next day you all went for drinks and they bought you a few drinks and food to apologize. You then saw the funny side of it, and everything was cool again.

After that, maybe you maintained it shaved because you just preferred it. You enjoyed that it makes you feel like a nightclub security/ zen buddhist/ private security/ football hooligan/ Jeff Bezos. That would be a cool joke if anyone asks.

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