I want psilocybin or ketamin

Okay check you pm

It won’t cure you i think, i used Psilocybin. You can order a mushroom growkit from EU but it is risky for the Turkey customs (gümrük).

Pre pfs I took both recreationally and could hold my composure and enjoy myself. Post fin when taking them recreationally I would freak out. I believe a genetic mutation that doesnt allow us to clear serotonin as quickly as a healthy person has occurred, on top of enzyme disfunction , on top of receptor dysfunction. The same with cocaine as well and other similar drugs. They were enjoyable and not anymore. Even at super low doses they still do not work the way they should. We’re messed up pretty good. :(((
Good luck

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Sorry it didn’t work for you. Did you take ketamine through IV? That’s how it’s being administered medically. Also, in your opinion, is it risky for us to try these 2 drugs?

There’s a world leading ketamine therapy clinic near my job. This is where I was thinking of going if I have the balls to try. Reading what it’s used for, I fall into at least a few of those categories lol. But maybe our brains will refuse to respond.

No I didnt take Ketamine in IV, I would just shove it upmy nose. Mushrooms take in tea or eat them. All in my younger days, many moons ago. I don’t want to deter you away from seeking treatment or therapy. In my opinion if you have been affected by Fin the way I have then it might be risky. It could be a problem for any part of the body that is left unprotected due to genetic dysfunction. For example say we are short on Allopregnanolone and gaba, those neurosteroids are neuroprotective , if you go out and take a bunch of substances that affect the brain negatively , you won’t be able to regenerate the way a healthy person will, it could be permanent. It could also be problematic for the CNS. One thing I would mention though, when i would experiment with drugs recreationally , I wasnt looking for any benefits from them, it could have made me feel better overall in the days after but I wasnt making the correlation at the time. Anpther thing, I’m all for trying anything and everything if it will help so all the power to you. My advice would be if the practioner says a therapeutic dose is X then I would say give me X/5 to start off with. Good luck


@Sawproblemo I underwent ketamine IV therapy for depression/anxiety. It saved my life. I also felt like it helped to ‘restart’ and clear my mind for several months. Highly recommend to people considering, although it is pricey.


How many sessions did you do if the ketamine? I did one session and it completely rocked my world. I never hallucinated so badly. I think I was given too much. It did help with my anxiety but I had much better results microdosing psilocybin

@joetz I did 8 sessions. They were each an hour long and there was a therapist in the room with me while during each one. The first two sessions were insanely hard. I went to some pretty dark places and felt like I was experiencing death. But after those sessions, that’s when they became great and I felt renewed.

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How long has it been since your last session? Ketamine definitely scrambled my brain but the end result for me is kind of mixed

Maybe I should have kept going. I feel a lot less anxious and have less brain fog and it’s easier to concentrate but I feel like my digestion has taken a turn for the worse. I am still waiting for everything to settle down. It’s only been two months.

I did 6 sessions in August 2019 and then 2-3 more Jan. 2020. I believe in Ketamine and what it can do for depression. Definitely stick with it if you can.

Did either ketamine or shrooms not help you guys in any way towards curing you?

I only did ketamine one time
I was supposed to do six sessions but it was just too much for me to handle and I quit after one time

No positive results to report from just one hit but I don’t think it’s supposed to work if you only go once

I seem to have less social anxiety but no other changes

Psilocybin gave me the best three days of my entire life pre or post finasteride

I took a microdose the size of a grain of rice. I would have continued taking microdosing but I have no means of getting the mushrooms/truffles anymore

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The way you make those 3 days seem makes me wanna try it so badly

Hi man, would you mind completing the survey? I’m sure you don’t need me to inform you of its importance, but it’s the most effective thing you can do in regards to beating this condition in the long run.

It takes an hour but you can complete it in stages as any progress you make will be saved. Just 10 minutes a day will see you have it done in under a week. :+1:


I did a magic truffle trip in Amsterdam and felt cured of mental issues for several weeks. The experience lasted about 3 hours. I saw dogs with long tongues that smiled at me when they ran past me. Bicycles made swirling sounds as if they were travelling at 40mph. Many weird things happen that day. Its basically the same as shrooms It was like my brain had been cleaned of depression and anxious thoughts. I felt like the old me.

What survey are you referring to? I don’t mind helping out in anyway I can.

The link to it is here mate: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

It’s essential for research purposes that every member completes it as the data will be provided to prospective scientists to aid them in their research into our condition.

As previously stated, it will take an hour but you can complete it in stages as your progress will be saved. Thanks for participating man it’s much appreciated. Let me know if you have any further questions. :+1:


Has anyone grown psilocybin mushrooms at home? If so can you describe your process, where you procured the spores, and/or mushroom kits. I’ve watched a couple YouTube videos on it but the ones I’ve watched weren’t too helpful. If you could recommend a good video that would help.

Has anyone tried to use 1P-LSD? Very easy to get and legal (for now) in most places. I’m a magic truffle guy…that’s what I tried and it’s what gave me the 1/2 a week cure. People say LSD has similar effects in micro-doses so I might try that one next and report my findings

Yes i used 5-6 times 1P-LSD. Nothing changed. It can’t be a cure in my opinon. Maybe microdose would change something in brain but it won’t cure your damaged prostate… @joetz